Pokemon-style cards call for deportation of prominent members of the Australian community
Pokemon-style cards call for deportation of prominent members of the Australian community aussienationalists.wordpress.com

Racist Pokemon-style posters have popped up in Sydney. The posters are calling for prominent members of the Australian Muslim community, such as journalist Waleed Aly and Yasmin Abdel-Magied, to be caught and deported.

The offensive posters resemble the popular Pokemon cards and even have a catchphrase resembling the game’s. “Gotta catch & deport em all,” the cards read. Each ad encourages Australian to “spread the love in your area.”

Aly’s card depicts him as “Waleedamon,” who is “deceptive” and “charming yet insidious.” Abdel-Magied’s card calls her “Yassmin-Abdelamon,” a “s--- stain,” “nuisance feminist & self-confessed ‘most hated Muslim in Australia.’” It also mocked her claim that Islam was the “most feminist religion.”

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young also did not escape mockery. Her card calls her “Sarahmon,” a “traitor” who allegedly destroys Australia by “promoting self-hatred and open borders.” Perhaps because Hanson-Young isn’t Muslim or a minority, she cannot be deported and therefore the distasteful card calls for her to be hanged instead.

Other cards target Asian Australians and African Australians, giving them both racist designations. The card says Asians have unlimited funds and buy out Australian housing, businesses and infrastructures. The African card claims they are violent and have an average IQ of 75.

The posters have been linked to the blog site Aussie Nationalists, which encourages its supporters to “spread the love in your area” by putting up the vitriolic ads. A resident from Petersham said he spotted the posters on his street but his neighbours ripped them down hours later.

“Somehow, some ‘Aussie Nationalists’ stumbled out of their caves and ended up around the corner from my house to put these up," he wrote on Facebook (via the Daily Mail Australia). “Is there somewhere I can deport THEM to seeing as they don’t seem to like it here in Australia?”

Marrickville Police said they are aware of the posters and are currently investigating. They are seeking information from the public.