Quantum Break
"Quantum Break" photo signed by Shawn Ashmore, actor of protagonist Jack Joyce. Remedy Entertainment

Development for “Quantum Break” is looking pretty damn fine, given the expanse of the details that developer Remedy Entertainment were able to bring to the table at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. The developer was able to provide fans with some new information about the game, and how it is currently going in terms of production.

The information was given by Creative Director Sam Lake, obtained by DualShockers covering the event. The developer had touched on the game’s time manipulation and travel. It appears that the development process took longer when it comes to ensuring that there are no plot holes in the story where time is concerned. Lake shared that the team had tried to keep it as simple as possible to avoid logical complications, but not at the expense of losing the interest that the concept implies.

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At the base of it, time travel was also conceptualised thanks the developer’s way of progressing the story while also providing players with the ability to make decisions in the game. Despite this, however, the team also aimed to give the game an emotional anchor, where the players can become emotionally invested into the game.

Another insight that Lake had given had something to do with the TV show planned in conjunction with “Quantum Break.” The developer asserted that the game came first, while the TV show is more of an enhancement to the game. The team had tried to take elements learned from current TV shows and use them as inspiration in creating an exciting feature for the game.

Also, just recently, following the leak of a PC rating for the game, it appears that someone from the developer’s side has already gotten to the alleged leaked rating. Gematsu sighted a Brazilian classification board rating for “Quantum Break” for the PC. This came as a surprise, considering how “Quantum Break” was known to be an Xbox One exclusive title.

Since the sighting, the Brazil Advisory Rating Board has already removed the rating for the PC version. Whether or not this was a mistake listing or an unintended leak remains to be seen. According to the source, Remedy Entertainment’s own Lake has already hinted before that he wanted to see a PC release for the title someday.