Fans of “Psychonauts 2” have made it happen as the game's crowdfunding campaign on Fig finally surpassed its fundraising goal. On its last week, the Fig campaign for “Psychonauts 2” was funded with US$ 3.3 million (approx. AU$ 4.7 million). Game developer Double Fine Productions founder Tim Schafer said that the campaign will continue to run through next Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The remaining time will be put to good use in gathering more funds. Schafer also announced via the official campaign page for “Psychonauts 2” on Fig that every additional dollar invested by backers will be utilised to polish the game and make it better. Currently, the title has already exceeded US$50,000 (approx. AU$71,000) of its original funding goal.

"We don't just want to make Psychonauts 2. We want to make an amazing Psychonauts 2," said Schafer in a video released by Double Fine Productions.

Double Fine is asking fans to bring more people to join the force in PSI Cadet Mission. There are several goals that need to be achieved, and the developer is asking for support from fans to spread information across social media channels.

Though the original 2005 “Psychonauts” game was not a very successful title, it had a long life in stores after selling over US$1.6 million (approx. AU$ 2.3 million) copies worldwide. According to the developer, the majority of sales came when the Double Fine re-released the game on Steam on Oct. 11, 2006. From there, the game sold nearly half a million copies of “Psychonauts” from 2005 to 2010.

In December 2015, Double Fine founder Schafer announced “Psychonauts 2” at The Game Awards 2015. Schafer revealed that the game will raise funds from both its Fig crowdfunding efforts and a mysterious external partner. Double Fine has yet to reveal the name of its external partner who is backing the game development.

The game's crowdfunding campaign on Fig does not include specific requests for more funds, but the campaign will run through the next five days. Fans can still donate and receive several perks, including a free copy of the game after its launch in 2018. “Psychonauts 2” will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Thanks for Funding Psychonauts 2! (Credit: YouTube/DoubleFineProduction)