Yoshinori Ono of Capcom speaks during the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York, February 20, 2013.
Yoshinori Ono of Capcom speaks during the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York, February 20, 2013. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

PS4 fans are expecting quite a lot of new titles and exclusives coming in 2015. "The Order: 1886" is leading the pack as developer Ready at Dawn reveals that they have been working on it for years.

In an interview with Polygon, Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya reveals that the PS4 has been the best venue to turn "The Order: 1886" into reality, complete with the richness of its history and folklore. Considering both the power and capability of the PS4, it was perfect for showcasing the title's cinematic appeal without breaking the gameplay experience.

From the physics perspective of the game, which allows a more fluid and interactive system for the eerie themes of the game, everything seems to be alive and brooding from every angle. This is all the more seen in the latest trailer seen below, which tells the tale of Bobby Paige and his transformation. Watch out for "The Order: 1886" this Feb. 20.

Naughty Dog's Decision For 60fps In 'Uncharted 4'

"Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" is perhaps one of the most awaited exclusives coming to the PS4. Apart from the astounding sneak peeks, to the comparisons that have been done between the upcoming title and the previous "Uncharted' iterations, expectations are certainly running high.

However, for developer Naughty Dog, the biggest factor that can affect major decisions in resolutions is the player experience. Videogamer reports that the 60fps resolution is now dependent on whether or not it will negatively affect the experience. Currently, it appears that the game is already above 30fps.

The trend with previous "Uncharted" titles have always been to go with 30fps. For demo purposes, "Uncharted 4" is currently locked to 30.

"We're going to do whatever it takes to make the game we want to make," said game director Bruce Straley. But choosing between experience and higher resolution, Straley does not hesitate to add that they would choose the former.

'Deep Down' Looking At Higher Quality

Capcom is looking at "Deep Down" as more than just a next-gen online game for the PS4. If anything, its uniqueness lies in the way that it was developed -- with the goal of maximising the PS4 advanced functions.

DualShockers managed to get its hands on Capcom's annual report for 2014 where the developer gave some details on the PS4 exclusive. "Deep Down" has been created following the redevelopment of Capcom's game engine, the Panta Rhei. The overhauled engine was more suited for next-gen consoles, and "Deep Down" is made with the change in place.

As an online RPG, "Deep Down" is also reportedly one that makes use of a fresh take on the genre. Not only can players look forward to an expansive storyline, but the technical backend also entails improved functions that will push the PS4 to its optimum. A lot of thought has also been given to the visuals, as the Panta Rhei engine allows the PS4 to deliver high-quality graphics.

Capcom has also revealed that "Deep Down" is intended for release as a free-to-play game. It's also slated to be a premium one, though the developer did not give more details. What's sure to come, however, are planned updates that are geared toward giving fans what they want from the title.

"The Order: 1886" Bobby Paige trailer (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)

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