LG announced the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for its LG G4 smartphones in October in Poland last year. Initially, the test rollout was met with certain technical difficulties but the problem was soon solved and the software update also started rolling out to G4 owners in Europe.

According to Android Pit, if you are not satisfied with what the latest OS has to offer and want to enjoy more features out of the software in your device, then consider installing custom ROM on your phone. However, be aware that the firmware can only be installed on the LG G4 H815 device.

There are a few prerequisites to be kept in mind before installing the CyanogenMod CM13 custom ROM on the LG G4. Here, they are:

· Try and install the custom ROM in your LG G4 device only, and not on any other handsets. You can check your device model by going to Settings > About phone > model number.

· Users should make sure that the phone’s memory is cleared before installing the firmware. Therefore, you should have a backup of all the data that is there in the phone via TWRP installation in the device.

· Connect your LG G4 phone with a PC using a USB driver. Make sure that your phone is completely charged before you start the installation process.

Step-by-step installation methods

· First, download the CyanogenMod CM13 Android Marshmallow firmware and Google apps in your PC and connect your LG G4 with the computer via a USB cord. Copy and paste the firmware and Google apps from the PC’s memory to the device’s memory.

· Second, switch off your phone and perform a Recovery Mode sorties by press holding the ‘Volume (up),' ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons.

· Third, enter the TWRP settings and select ‘Wipe’ option to clear phone’s memory and also select ‘Swipe to Factory Reset’ to perform factory reset.

· Fourth, return to the TWRP settings once again and tap on ‘Install’ button by selecting all .Zip files (modem, system, Bootloader, Boot).

· Fifth, custom ROM will begin flashing on the phone’s screen in a few minutes along with a message reading ‘successful’. Thus, the message indicates that the installation of Custom ROM is complete in your device.