Two petrol versions of the Porsche Macan, the Macan and Macan Turbo, are now under precautionary recall in Australia owing to possible fuel leaks. The company released a notice over the weekend citing “leak in low-pressure fuel pipe in the engine compartment” as the reason for the recall.

Porsche Australia said 1,302 Porsche Macans are involved in the recall. This number is a significant part of the 58,881 Porsche Macans on roads across the globe. There are about 514 Macan Turbos and 788 Macan S units in Australia under the scanner at the moment.

Porsche Australia said the fuels lines in affected vehicles will be replaced. However, owners will be informed by their dealers prior to any repairs. It said it was taking the initiative to ensure adequate precautionary measurements against illegitimate manufacturing process to guarantee a car owner’s safety, noted Car Advice.

Workshops will be conducted to appoint personnel who will be trained free of charge to identify any leakage problems so it can be corrected. Porsche futher released a statement saying only petrol engines are affected by the recall, said Practical Monitoring.

Porsche rolled out its Macan series in the second quarter of 2014. The Macan soon became an instant success. Porsche Australia sold a staggering 1,604 Macans, about half of the total worldwide sales for this vehicle.

In 2014, Porsche’s immense success brought it into limelight, helping it achieve a 13 percent market share in Australia.

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