Pope Francis Appears At The Window In St. Peter's Square.
Newly elected Pope Francis appears at the window of his future private apartment to bless the faithful, gathered below in St. Peter's Square, during the Sunday Angelus prayer at the Vatican REUTERS

Pope Francis, with his open-mindedness and more humanist approach to Catholicism, reportedly bestowed the Virgin Mary a position at the second Holy Trinity, possibly even at Godhead level.

Pope Francis recently attended the morning mass for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on Sept. 15 at Casa Santa Marta. He preached on how the Virgin Mary "learned, obeyed and suffered at the foot of the cross," according to the Vatican Radio.

"Even the Mother, 'the New Eve', as Paul himself calls her, in order to participate in her Son's journey, learned, suffered and obeyed. And thus she becomes Mother," Pope Francis said.

The Pope further added that Mary is the "anointed Mother." Pope Francis said the Virgin Mary is one with the church. Without her Jesus Christ would not have been born and introduced to Christians. Without the Virgin Mary there would be no Mother Church.

"Without the Church, we cannot go forward," the Pope added during his sermon.

However, his latest sermon according to Inquistr are raising eyebrows and even upsetting Evangelical Christians. The site credits this assertion to an article posted in Now The End Begins. Pope Francis' reflection on the Virgin Mary reportedly suggests that people's hope is Mary and the Mother Church and not Jesus Christ.

However, the scripture clearly states that the hope of the Christians is through God and Jesus Christ.

The article claims his sermon somehow indicates a change in the position Jesus holds in the Holy Trinity. Jesus "has been demoted to third place behind 'mother' Mary and the 'Holy Mother Church'. Pope Francis reportedly "bestowed a position and title to the Virgin Mary equal or greater than that of the second Holy Trinity."

Additionally, the article claims Pope Francis may have supposedly even put the status of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the "Godhead level."

But Inquisitr posted its argument on the assumptions citing Soldier of Christ and its reflection on Genesis Chapter 1. The chapter tells that during creation, Jesus Christ was already present along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Inquisitr contests that Christ has existed even before he was conceived by the Virgin Mary.

Pope Francis ended his reflection with the assurance of hope from the Virgin Mary and the Mother Church.

"Today we can go forward with a hope: the hope that our Mother Mary, steadfast at the Cross, and our Holy Mother, the hierarchical Church, give us," he said.