With the "Pokemon X and Y" community finding more ways to help each other and obtain more Shiny Pokemons, Reddit is teeming the past couple of days with regard to community databases and techniques.

[UPDATE: Breeding tips to get perfect IV Pokemons, spotted from another Redditor.]

A new program in the form of Instacheck has been brought up by PKM_Trader_PONDER, wherein those playing the "Pokemon X and Y" can get to know their IVs, EVs, PID, Trainer Shiny Value, Egg Shiny Value and other details related to the Pokemon or even eggs that you put up for trade.

The Redditor gives a few useful reminders and pointers in case someone wants to join the "Pokemon X and Y" community making use of the program in order to boost their chances of getting Shiny Pokemons.

"Pokemon X and Y" tip: savvy with technology? Gamers can also boost their chances of finding Shiny Pokemons by building their own contraption similar to what this Redditor has created.

Basically, what gamers need to know about Instacheck is that they will get to know the Trainer Shiny Value and the Egg Shiny Value. The former is the ID and a Secret ID combined, so it is unique to a gamer. The TSV can be found when gamers check a hatched Pokemon with their OT.

Gamers need to match the Egg Shiny Value to their own TSV, so that if they hatch it in their "Pokemon X and Y" game, the resulting Pokemon will be a Shiny. This is where the community steps in - a gamer finds the ESV of the Egg they have and trade it with the person who has the same TSV for a Shiny.

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Check out the Reddit link for the full and detailed mechanics and for the links to the pages where you can register.

Aside from the benefits of hatching a Shiny, it's also good to be aware of scammers, something that may be unavoidable in any crowd endeavor. But at the very least, the Redditor assures that you can easily get an Egg in less than 30 minutes after you lose a previous one to a scammer, but that scammer can easily be banned from participating in the "Pokemon X and Y" community.

"I know several people have the opinion that Instacheck is bad for the game and that shinies should only be 'natural', or Instacheck makes producing shinies too easy. While that's the opposite of my viewpoint, feel free to talk about the impact of this program," said the creator.

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PokeAnalysis for Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Another project that has found its way on Reddit and may help "Pokemon X and Y" trainers with teams is the PokeAnalysis from Redditor baconhax.

"After one too many times of building a team and then realizing I have a major Rock weakness or some such foolery, I decided to put together an Excel spreadsheet to help me figure out what's going on with my teams," said baconhax.

The "Pokemon X and Y" project has now expanded, and those who want to experiment on their own teams and avoid the same mistakes can easily download the Excel document and enjoy some of the features as enumerated by the creator.

Gamers can add their Pokemon in the spreadsheet and learn its types, resistance and weaknesses. Also, gamers can choose an item for their Pokemon, and they will know the description of the item, though the PokeAnalysis only includes combat-relevant items found in "Pokemon X and Y."

More strategies on how to create the best teams on "Pokemon X and Y": Read here for more.

Gamers can also know all of the abilities of their Pokemon as well as examining four attacks of that Pokemon to give them a rundown of the different types that those combo moves will work effectively against.

Redditor baconhax has also created a smart code that will let gamers calculate their stats at Level 100 by inputting EVs, IVs and Nature. Lastly, PokeAnalysis goes true to its name and looks at gamers' overall team to see which Pokemons are weak or strong against particular attacks of varying types in "Pokemon X and Y."

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The unique thing about this is that it looks at the "Pokemon X and Y" team as a whole and identifies which attacks may prove vulnerable to your overall team. As per the suggestion of some of the Redditors, baconhax has also added a few more features to the PokeAnalysis, such as a calculation block for base stats, IVs, EVs, Nature and calculated stats.