Earlier, the Pokemon Effectiveness chart was reported, and it was revealed that it was one of the more helpful charts that listed in detail the strengths, weakness, and attack power of the 718 Pokemons in Pokemon X and Y.

This time, Android users can enjoy this feature more as Redditor No_personality_Found has created an Android app featuring the chart.

It began as a project for the creator, who claimed to be a student learning Android development. So far, the Android Pokemon X and Y app seems to deliver the basic needs, which is to provide you with the necessary info for your Pokemon gaming.

"If anyone downloads it and finds issues, if you could message me what model phone you have and what version of Android you run on it and the issue, then that would help me learn more about the Android programming experience and bugs that may occur," said the Redditor. "I only used one size screen to test it so I hope it doesn't get all distorted on drastically different sized screens."

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Whether or not the creator of pokeffectiveness.com continues with plans of expanding the features of the website and whether these changes will reflect in the new Android app have not yet been discussed by either Redditors.

Download the app here and check out if there are any bugs or issues with your device.

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Shiny hatching made even easier

Perhaps Pokemon X and Y really brings out the obsession and unending quest for Shinies, especially now that Serebii has reportedly stated that the chances of finding a Shiny has increased from the infamous 1 in 8,192 to 1 in 4,096.

Kotaku has a found a way for Pokemon X and Y gamers to get Shinies without having to create the automatic Shiny Pokemon finder (which you can actually do). According to the report, there is now a crowdsourced database in Reddit, which can pair up trainers for Pokemon X and Y in order to hatch a shiny.

An app, touted to be the Instacheck Hotspot, which lets you see the Shiny Value. Each trainer and egg has a unique one, and matching the values will lead to a Shiny hatched from the egg.

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At the very least, this can't be considered a hack, but more like a collaborative effort from people who are just crazy over their Pokemon X and Y stats-and a cool one at that.

Check out this Reddit link that details what you need to do and where you need to go to be part of the Shiny Hatcher Community Database.

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GameBattles to feature Pokemon X and Y

Want to take your Pokemon X and Y battle to a different kind of arena? Major League Gaming has just announced that it will launch the Pokemon X and Y arena at GameBattles.

This would be a great platform for those who have been getting a little tired of either playing through the game again, trading without any real action, or just trying to device new ways of catching Shinies and hatching Eggs.

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According to GameBattles, the arena would suit well for the multiplayer appeal of Pokemon X and Y, since you go beyond just computer opponents and really engage in battles against your fellow Pokemon X and Y trainers. It's also a plus that you get to flaunt all of your hard-earned and caught Pokemons to other gamers. Or you can also find other people to trade with, depending on how your approach to Pokemon X and Y is.

Check out Major League Gaming for more details and to sign up for the new arena.