Pokémon X and Y features 718 pocket monsters and divided into 18 types of strengths and weaknesses combined. Memorising all of them can be a migraine but there is a way to simplify the chart to select the 6 best Pokémon types for your team.

Poison and Steel against Fairies and Grass

Fairy Pokémons are strong against Dragon, Fighting and Dark types which can be a good alternative of Psychic types due to weak defence and hit points. However, Poison and Steel Pokémons can easily faint them while Grass types are going nowhere except with diseases caused by Poison Pokémons.

Fairies versus Fighting, Dark and Dragon

There are many Fighting, Dark and Dragon Pokémons which can be tough against the majority of other types. Thankfully, if you include a Fairy Pokémon inside your team such as Ralts, you'll get an edge for fainting spree.

Bugging Psychic and Dark

Bug Pokémons edges Psychic and Dark types that are now numerous in the Pokémon list. Some powerful Pokémons have Psychic or Dark subtype than can easily be taken out by bugs and even better for few ones having both types. Just make sure you choose a bug Pokémon which isn't a poison type to avoid getting double damaged by Psychic moves.

Join the Dark Side

Dark Pokémons are the evil sorcerers in the game opposite of the neutral or good-aligned wizards represented by Psychic Pokémons. Dark types with Ghost subtype can be very deadly as they feature 'zero weaknesses' and immunity against Psychic moves. Alakazam is one of the most powerful non-legendary Psychic Pokémon who can faint almost any other Pokémon with one strike. If you are thinking to be an anti-mage, select one Dark Pokémon.

Use Thy Courage

Fighting Pokémons can be very useful against a variety of other types with possible exception on Ghost since most of their attacks are ignored. However, large, tough and rocky types are no match against the slash-and-hack massive damage moves of Fighting Pokémons; just avoid Psychic types to prevent migraines.

Moreover, Fighting Pokémons perform better against the hardest elements in the world - Ice, Rock and Steel. Use their massive strike moves to faint these Pokémon types.

Grounding Electricity

Electric Pokémons are great on electrocuting flyers but ground types can shatter their wills. Get a Pokémon with ground subtype and another then use Earthquake move or something similar to wane electric Pokémons.

Dragon Legend with an Iceberg

Dragon versus dragon arsenal is like the mythology of the ancients or clash of the titan wars which can be spectacular to see. If Psychic, Dark, Fairy or Ghost faints against a Dragon, use the same type since most attacks are ineffective to use on them except their own. Additionally, you can use Ice types with the most powerful Ice move to strike ones on dragons.

Pure Magic

Psychic Pokémons can be deadly to various Pokémon types using array of powers. Certain psychic moves can cause negative effects, empower user or even strike ones to faint target. Poison Pokémons are very weak against psychic types but Psychic Pokémons with high SP ATK can knockout others too.

Nature Power

Consider using natural elements such as Water, Fire, Electric and Ice which work wonders even against Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Fairy or Dragon Pokémons regardless if it only deals standard damage. Some of the strongest offensive moves are found only in nature such as Solar Beam and Hydro Cannon.