A Pikachu Balloon Floats Down Sixth Avenue During the 87th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York
A Pikachu balloon floats down Sixth Avenue during the 87th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York November 28, 2013. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

If you ask any passionate "Pokemon" fans why they love the games so much you will get a multitude of reasons: the amount of exploration that can be had, the varied monsters and their wonderful designs, catchy music and that feeling of accomplishment the player gets when their Pokeball doesn't fail in catching a wild monster. On the other hand ask them if the story is any good and they will tell you it's just okay.

From the original Red and Blue games of the Gameboy to the latest versions hitting the Nintendo 3DS, the story always centers around a young boy or girl going out to the world to be the very best Pokemon trainer that no one ever was, gaining badges, raising monsters and entering the Pokemon league in hopes of becoming a Pokemon master. All this while combatting a terrorist group whose theme varies per game.

Now a group of individuals are trying to do something slightly different from the usual "Pokemon" mold with a free non-profit, fan-made Pokemon game titled "Pokemon Uranium." The game has a slightly darker tone to it according to Kotaku, as the protagonist only goes on an adventure due to the fact that his guardian can no longer take care of him.

There will also be a new type that has yet to be introduced to the series: Radioactive Pokemon. Rather than being all new creatures who have remained undiscovered because of unspecified reasons, these are Pokemon who were experimented on by scientists and have become savage beings as a result. These monsters will reportedly attack anything that stands in their way and must be beaten or caught quickly. To keep things from being too hard however, the Radioactive Pokemon will be weak to every type.

However, those looking for a challenge will be pleased with the game's "Nuzlocke Mode" or Challenge Mode. This will not only make things more difficult in terms of battles, but your Pokemon can actually die. If their health reaches zero there will be no way to revive them. The player will also be able to only capture one Pokemon per route and will have the option to turn shops off if they are feeling hardcore.

The game will have 100 brand new Pokemon with graphics similar to "Pokemon: Ruby" and "Pokemon: Sapphire" from the Game Boy Advance. This ambitious project hasn't been finished yet, but is available for download on the game's site and is playable for PC with a Mac version in the works.

Pokemon Uranium Trailer (Credits: Youtube/Pokemon Uranium)