Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Bank
There will be changes to the Pokemon Bank in the new Pokemon games. The Pokemon Company

There have been a number of new reveals for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” in the past few weeks. Apart from the reveal of the new Ultra Beasts, it appears that Nintendo is looking to bring some updates to two most-known and well-used features in Pokemon games.

“In January 2017, the Nintendo 3DS downloadable software Pokemon Bank is expected to receive an update for compatibility with “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” Nintendo confirmed via the official website.

The good thing about this is that it makes the Pokemon Bank feature available on the newest titles. However, one new update may require fans to think about which Pokemon they will transfer.

According to the update notes, Pokemon that has been transferred to the Pokemon Bank and to the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” titles will no longer be transferable back to “Pokemon Omega Ruby,” “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire,” “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.”

Additionally, as fair warning to players, one should avoid transferring Pokemon that are holding items. Doing so will result in the ‘mon being sent back to the original game.

One other feature that will see some upgrades is the Poke Transporter. The update will allow it to become compatible with the Virtual Consoles versions of “Pokemon Red,” “Pokemon Blue” and “Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition.” Because of this, any ‘mons from these games transferred to the Pokemon Bank can also be transported to “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The same rules on transferring mentioned above will also be applicable to the VirtuaL Console editions.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will also usher in a new National Pokedex. This will allow players to read saved data, collect information on Pokemon from there and allow access to “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

“Using the Pokedex feature in Pokemon Bank, you’ll be able to see this information—even about Pokemon that don’t appear in the Alola region of ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon.’”