Pokemon GO
“Pokemon GO” fans are gearing up for an Easter event as a big update has been revealed. Niantic will roll out the event in the coming weeks. The development team is looking to launch certain Egg-themed bonuses during the event. The developer may also launch the game’s newest mechanics. Facebook/Pokémon GO

The “Pokemon GO” Worldwide Bloom event ends tomorrow. Players have little time left to increase their chances of catching Grass-type Pokemon such as Bulbasaur and Chikorita. The event started on May 5 PDT.

This time, Niantic seems to be playing with a more limited format. Generally, Pokemon events have bonuses attached. This time, it’s only the spawns and that’s about it. These micro-events are going to be the order of the day and will be limited in functionality compared to the mega events. While there have been talks on social media about players catching Grass-type Pokemon, there are many others who have complained about not seeing any appreciable in Grass-type spawns.

Thus, it is difficult to give high marks to the latest micro-event in general. Players are not complaining that much as this is an experimental format being tried by Niantic. Everyone is hoping that the next micro-event offers better rewards. It was recently reported that the Worldwide Bloom event is broken in many areas. Problems arose the moment the event kicked off. Players reported that they did not see any changes spawns. Some even did not come across a single Grass-type Pokemon, writes Forbes.

Interestingly, there are also players who have caught truckloads of Bulbasaur or Sunkern. Thus, the micro-event seems to be broken, and Niantic should take a look at it when it releases the next such event. There are also reports that even the desert biomes haven’t changed either, the type that typically has lots of Snubbull and Growlithe spawns or such similar things. This could totally be a biome-based problem or the “increased” spawn may not have noticeably increased in certain areas.

Niantic must keep in mind that in order to make an event successful, it has to be made obvious the moment it releases. The last event, just before this Worldwide Bloom event, was the Easter Eggstravaganza, where players were given a whole week to hatch as many eggs as possible. Niantic stated that around 87 million Eggs were hatched during that time. It showed how dedicated the Pokemon community is. Compared to that event, this Grass-type event has been a turn-off.

However, players still have access to increased lure time where a PokeStop is upgraded so that it attracts Pokemon for six hours and not for the usual thirty minutes, writes GameRant. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on “Pokemon GO” micro-events.