Pokemon GO
John Hanke, creator of Pokemon Go and Chief Executive Officer of Niantic gestures during his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2017. Reuters/Paul Hanna

“Pokemon GO” Adventure Week will be over soon, and once summer kicks off in June, it will be legendary. It’s now an open secret that Niantic will finally be releasing Legendary Pokemon with the summer update.

The developer has stated that the Legendaries will be out by the end of this year. In fact, the Legendaries will be the most important release to celebrate one year of the game. The Adventure Week update has focused on rock types and also boosts for buddies. It is arguably the most-important event up to now, though that’s going to change soon. The game has been insanely popular since its release. While most games fizzle out much before their first anniversary, “Pokemon GO” has remained in the top 20 highest-grossing apps.

The game hasn’t changed in many ways. The biggest additions to the game have been the introduction of a working tracker and the Buddy System. The release of the Gen 2 has been the biggest content addition, though players want much more. The game recently won a Webby for best mobile game. Gen 3 is far away. Hence, the Legendaries will grab the limelight this summer. Data miners have been gathering clues for months now to know how the Legendaries will be rolled out.

Raids are going to be a very important aspect of the game and data miners have found hints such as, “A raid is starting near you!” and “Defeated Raid Pokemon.” These are definite hints about the Legendaries, feels Forbes. However, there are some who believe these are hints about changes in Gyms. The game has reached dizzying heights of success, and soon, big groups will get together in real life and in various locations to battle and capture Legendaries. Experts believe that Niantic has been planning for a while to make players work together.

However, it is also possible that Niantic will finally go with personalised quests where players will have to complete a series of theme objectives to secure Legendary Pokemon. If the developer decides to release one Legendary per week, that would keep players occupied till mid-August. There are 11 Legendary and Mythic Pokemon in Gen 1 and 2. Players are finally smiling as they know their favourite Legendary Pokemon are finally making their way to the game.

Meanwhile, Niantic has released a new “Pokemon GO” update that will paralyse cheats so that they cannot take any unfair advantage of the game, reports Express.