Philippines, Brazil And Venezuela: Three Countries To Win The Big Four International Beauty Pageants

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There are hundreds of beauty pageants held every year around the globe but out of these pageants there are only 4 that are considered the most prestigious; Miss World (1951), Miss Universe (1952), Miss International (1960) and Miss Earth (2001).

Run by Miss Universe Organization, Miss Universe was founded in 1952 by Pacific Mills, a clothing company based in California. Before it was acquired by Donald Trump, the pageant is part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf+Western Industries.

Miss World is a London-based pageant created by Eric Morley in 1951, making it the oldest surving international beauty contest in the world. Since Eric Morley's death in 2000, his wife Julia Morley is now the chairman of Miss World Organisation.

The pageant that is not based on looks alone, Miss International winners are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty." The ultimate goal of Miss International is to promote world peace, goodwill and understanding.

Known as a non-profit organization, Miss Earth Foundation aims to increase the level of awareness on current invironmental issues. Miss Earth is organized annually by Manila-based Carousel Productions and the only major global pageant that promotes the care and presevation for the planet's environment and ecology.

Known  as the Big Four International beauty pageant, these four contests are considered to be the most coveted titles by all beauty titlest, with Miss Universe and Miss World, the two pagents that most countries considered to be the most important. So here are the countries who successfully won the big four as of September 2013.


Venezuela is a veteran when it comes to the "Big Four." The most successful country who managed to bag a total of 19 victories; 6 Miss Universe crowns (1979-2009), 6 Miss World crowns (1955-2011), 6 Miss International crowns (1985-2010) and one Miss Earth crown (2005).


Known for its exotic beauty, grace and elegance; Brazil is the first country to win all four pageant, the latest is when they won Miss Earth in 2004. The largest country in both South America and the Latin America; Brazil has won two Miss Universecrowns (1963, 1968), one Miss World crown (1971), two Miss Earth crowns (2004, 2009) and one Miss International crown (1968).


The only Asian country to bag the "Big Four," Philippines is the third and the most recent country to join the ranks of Brazil and Venezuela. Thanks to Megan Young who won the Miss World 2013, Philippines has completed the four major beauty pageants with two Miss Universe crowns (1969, 1972), four Miss International crowns (1964, 1970, 1979, 2005) and one Miss Earth crown (2008).

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