Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has slammed the views of US 'neo-masculinist' group Return of Kings (ROK), and says that its leader, known as 'Roosh V' on Twitter, will have a hard time gaining entry into Australia.

Minister Dutton said in a statement to the media that ROK creator Daryush Valizadeh will not be cleared for entry into Australia, and that he has not applied for a visa.

"People who advocate violence against women aren't welcome in Australia. In the past people advocating violence against women have had their visa refused or cancelled," he said.

Dutton had previously cancelled the visa of 'pick-up artist' Jeff 'Jeffy' Allen and his group Real Social Dynamics, who had plans to tour Australia to teach 'pick-up' moves to men, such as choking women in order to "subdue them".

Although it does not intend to deliver 'workshops' like Real Social Dynamics, ROK and its founder Valizadeh had planned to assemble members in various locations across Australia on Saturday, including in front of the Coogee Pavilion in Sydney, King George Square in Brisbane, and Ocean Beach Hotel in Perth.

Return of Kings is a group against women, transgenders and homosexuality. The group believes that women are “biologically determined to follow the orders of men” and that promiscuity in women prevents families from forming.

The group’s latest belief is that rape, which is illegal in Australia, should be legalised on private property.

Member of Parliament Tanya Pilbersek and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk were revolted by the views of the group, with the latter stating that the group was not welcome in Queensland or Australia,

“These attitudes from the Stone Age are simply not welcome here in Queensland. I think it's despicable, I think it's disgusting and I think that people should have nothing to do with them," Premier Palaszczuk said.

Valizadeh, however, has remained unfazed by the ministers' comments, taunting the public and the government by saying that he “will not be stopped” and that Australia's "borders are weak”. He also encouraged followers of the group to meet up in various locations around Australia for “tribal meetings”.

It is not known whether Valizadeh will be attempting to fly into Australia this week. Although he has tweeted numerous times about trying to get into the country, an FAQ on his website posted on Jan. 29 said he would be in Washington DC on Sat, Feb 6.

Amidst the ongoing social and media outrage against ROK and 'Roosh', The Project host Waleed Aly has called on Australia to "hijack" Valizadeh's campaign by ignoring it, rather than fuelling it with comments, clicks and stories. Aly said on Tuesday night:

“Once the mainstream media takes the bait, Roosh trolls the public through his various social media channels, revelling in the free publicity and extending the life of the news story.

“Instead of linking to articles about Roosh V or responding to his calculated, vile tweets which just keep him trending, I challenge you to click something else.”