Persona 5
"Persona 5" is expected to release in territories outside of Japan by April 2017. Facebook/Persona5

“Persona 5” has been delayed until April of next year, but game producer Atlus is not leaving fans empty handed during the wait. During PlayStation Experience over the weekend, a trailer for the upcoming game was released, which reveals plenty about the much awaited Japanese title.

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“Your future’s been taken away,” the trailer flashes. “Will you choose to steal it back?”

Watch the “Persona 5” trailer from PlayStation Experience

At almost two minutes long, the Western trailer for “Persona 5,” which was dubbed in English, gives audiences an overview of of the story. The protagonist must start over again as a transfer student at a high school in Tokyo. Soon, he learns that he is able to enter people’s hearts and force them to confront their truest selves. With his friends, the protagonist forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, which aims to unveil the wrongs of society. However, their activities are soon evident and noticed by undesirables who try to stop the group.

For those that prefer the original Japanese vocals of the game, the game will be available with subtitles in English. Players will need to download a separate DLC for this, but Atlus has previously confirmed that it will be free of charge.

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The game is already available for pre-order for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store for US$59.99 (AU$80.50). For US and European buyers, the order will come with bonus digital content, including the “Protagonist Special Theme and Avatar Set,” which includes a theme and 3 protagonist avatars. In addition, buyers will also get access to an in-game DLC entitled “Izanagi and Izanagi Picaro set.” This extension will allow players to take Izanagi from “Persona 4” into the world of “Persona 5.”

Meanwhile, Australian fans can pre-order the Steelbook Edition of “Persona 5” via EB Games AU for AU$99.95. The steelbook edition of game normally includes limited artwork of the game, but Atlus has yet to reveal what the artwork is for the upcoming title. Those in New Zealand can pre-order the RPG for NZ$99.99 (AU$95.49) on Mighty Tape NZ.

“Persona 5” is expected for release on all platforms by April 4, 2017.