Persona 5
Cover art for "Persona 5" obtained from Atlus website. Atlus

Interesting details of "Persona 5" have emerged from the Sept. 24 issue of weekly Famitsu - Japanese video game magazine published in Japan. According to the scans of the magazine, the next chapter in the “Persona” series looks different from the previous two titles.

The latest issue of Famitsu sheds light on the story and character details of the next “Persona” game and also talk about the overall premise of the new game. The characters in the game, also known as the Phantom Thieves, will be faced off against a cast of antagonists, as opposed to “Persona 3” and “Persona 4,” where players fight against a single enemy.

The multiple enemies are due to the game’s omnibus story, Gamezone notes, adding that the game will have multiple storylines branching out from its central plot. "Persona 5" will also revolve around the theme of social reform, which follows suit of other “Persona” titles using current real-life issues as the theme. The main goal of the protagonist and his team is to make the enemy confess their crimes and retrieve stolen hearts.

Details on the enemy are vague at the moment but the magazine assures that the villains will reside in an area called the Palace. The characters will make use of a smartphone app while inside the Palace so that they could locate enemies and allies within the area.

In screenshots obtained by Persona Central via Famitsu, fans were also given a look at the upcoming Personas to be used by the heroes. The protagonist will use Arsene; Ryuji will have Captain Kid; the feline character Morgan will have Zoro; and An will use Carmen. The magazine also revealed Goemon-- the Persona of the fifth character named Yusuke, as seen in a trailer from Tokyo Game Show.

Like previous titles, the characters in the new game will have to use an object to access the Personas. In “Persona 3,” the characters shot themselves in the head to summon their Personas, while the characters of “Persona 4” can summon their Personas through their weapons. In the case of “Persona 5,” it seems that the characters will utilise masks for their Personas.

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