‘Outlander’ TV Series: Producers Share Picture Of Jamie And Dougal From The 'Shinty Match' Scene

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The producers of “Outlander” have released a picture of Dougal and Jamie fighting in a shinty match. The picture is from a scene that has been aired previously. The two characters may have to work together in the next episode of the series, in order to rescue someone very close to Jamie. [Warning: Spoilers Alert]

Fans of the franchise who have been following the TV series may remember watching the Scotsmen playing shinty in one of the previous episodes. The game is similar to hockey, but Dougal and the others played the game very aggressively in the TV series.

Dougal and Jamie share a tense relationship in the TV series. The image posted on the official Twitter page of “Outlander” shows how the two characters played the game by mostly hitting each other. Claire had also commented about whether it was fair for Dougal to strike Jamie during the game.

“Nothing like a good Shinty match to get your blood pumping,” reads the tweet by the producers. The image shows Jamie blocking an attack by Dougal with both characters using their sticks. “Dougal looks like he's out on a Sunday walk, while Jamie looks like he's running a marathon,” one of the fans said while commenting on the picture.

Jamie will need Dougal’s help in the next episode of “Outlander” TV series. Episode 8 of the show ended with Jamie suddenly appearing at the window of Black Jack’s room, when he was attempting to rape Claire. Jamie will need the help of the clansmen in order to rescue her from the heavily guarded Fort William.

Black Jack appears to be obsessed with both Claire and Jamie. Another picture of the three characters released by the producers shows Jack pursuing Claire and Jamie with his sword drawn. Claire and Jamie also appear to defend themselves with her pointing her dagger at the British Captain and Jamie standing behind her with his sword drawn.

“Outlander” episode 9 is slated to air on April 4, 2015. Fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for the show to return after over six months of mid-season break. The last episode from the TV series aired on Sept 27.

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Source – YouTube/ Starz

Source – YouTube/ Starz

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