A poster of Starz TV series "Outlander." Outlander/ Facebook

Cast members of the “Outlander” TV series are sharing more insights about season 4 as the release date is fast approaching. In a recent interview, Caitriona Balfe (Claire) spoke about her new costumes, and the different kind of relationship of the Frasers that is being explored.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a video of which has been posted on Facebook, Balfe spoke about the next season in a tavern set. The actress said that they spent a lot of time in this specific set, which means there may be a lot of dinners and drinking on the show.

Balfe described season 4 as the story of Frasers as immigrants in America. For them it is all about finding a home, which is very different from the story of the previous seasons. She said that the fans will be very excited about what’s in store this year.

A new season and a new setting always comes with a new set of costumes, especially for Claire. Balfe said that she loves the costumes this time around. The costumes are all about the frontier life. There is a hint of some modern aesthetic to the dresses, but the overall design is tied to the time period in which the show is based in, which in this case is Colonial America.

As far as the relationship between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire is concerned, they explore a different angle to it this year. Balfe pointed out that the show has already explored the two characters falling in love, the pining, and the reunion. This year the fans will see the couple enjoy the joy of being in each other’s company, and the couple will also enjoy some domesticity.

Fans will get to see a different side of Claire. Balfe said that the fans will get to see the nurturing side of her character. The Frasers will be busy building a home in North Carolina in the first few episodes of season 4.