Nintendo amiibo
The limited edition Mega Yarn Yoshi is going back to retail via Toys 'R' Us. Nintendo

Nintendo’s amiibo collectible toys are gaining good ground, as retailers give new updates on limited edition returning collectibles, new challenges and products coming out. The first of these is the announcement of a new card album for “Animal Crossing.”

According to My Nintendo News, collectors of amiibo cards in Australia and Europe can expect a new card album, which comes out in tandem with the fourth edition of “Animal Crossing” amiibo cards. These are expected to launch come June 18.

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The source features a sneak peek screenshot of the card album, seen in the link above. It will first come to North America on June 10.

Amiibo collectors can also mark their calendar this month. Those who have missed getting Mega Yarn Yoshi, released for “Yoshi’s Wooly World,” can get one with the restock over at Toys ‘R’ Us, DualShockers reported.

The source had spotted a tweet, which confirmed that the extremely limited Mega Yarn Yoshi will be returning to Toys ‘R’ Us. It appears that this edition will only be available in-store. The Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo is unique in that it is by far the tallest amiibo released, and it continues to be a limited edition amiibo. The retailer has confirmed that the amiibo will be available come March 20 for US$39.99 (approx. AU$54).

Finally, a new and free Nintendo eShop title will debut on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Dubbed as the Mini Mario and Friends amiibo challenge, Nintendo-Insider reported that this new title will allow the scanning of an amiibo figure. Afterwards, the scanned amiibo can be taken through over 60 levels of the title.

All of the amiibo compatible with the title can be scanned. However, there are some amiibo that can unlock exclusive level sets and abilities. The only known amiibo of this caliber is mini Mario and mini Yoshi, who have the wall jump and enemy eating abilities.

No other detail has been provided to date. Players can expect the game to arrive on March 25. By buying any amiibo, a bonus download code will be included in the purchase from the retailer. Others can await the challenge’s arrival on the Nintendo eShop come April 28.

Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo at play (Credit: YouTube/IGN)