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August 17, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; General view of Levi's Stadium during the first quarter between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos. REUTERS/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers rookie Jarryd Hayne has taken the move to ensure all future profits from the use of his name are controlled by him after the Australian rugby league star put to trademark his own name. Hayne, who is attempting to land a spot in the 49ers’ 53-man roster, has been turning heads after displaying his brilliance in playing American football in San Francisco’s two previous preseason games.

According to the Herald Sun, Hayne has applied for an Australian trademark to his own name “Jarryd Hayne” on a wide range of consumer goods, which include all types of clothing, sporting goods, toys, games, luggage, umbrellas, and wallets. The report suggested that JH38 Holdings, a company established two weeks ago, made the application to brand Hayne’s name, claiming that the company is controlled and owned by Hayne himself. Hayne’s manager Wayne Beavis said the move was all about “brand protection,” but admitted it was “early days.”

With the Aussie’s plan, Australia’s top celebrity agents predicted the 27-year-old Hayne could surpass fellow Australian and NBA centre Andrew Bogut’s US$16 million (AU$22.2 million)a year earnings from the Golden State Warriors. Sean Anderson of 22 Management, a personality management company, said if Hayne makes the cut, off-field opportunities, including Hayne-branded merchandise, could launch the former Eels’ annual income past Bogut, and Australian golfers Adam Scott and Jason Day, who have annual earnings of US$15 million (AU$20.9 million)and US$10.5 million (AU$14.6 million), respectively.

“If he lands this (NFL) contract I think he’ll become Australia’s highest-paid sportsman. He could become the Hugh Jackman of the NFL,” Anderson said.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Sporting giant Nike is set to mass produce Hayne 49ers jerseys if the Australian sensation makes the cut. Custom-made “Hayne 38” jerseys are in high demand after Hayne burst into stardom with his running back and punt returning skills.

Hayne’s jersey leads the page on the 49ers’ official merchandise store website. The item comes with five different options available to men, women, and youth, which costs US$99.95 (AU$139.34), US$94.95 (AU$132.34), US$69.95 (AU$97.51) respectively. Since custom-made jerseys give the 49ers’ store a hard time to produce, the club have made contact with Nike for a bulk production Hayne jerseys.

"For now we're making that many customisations that we're trying to get ahead. But Nike are in the work of having his jersey mass produced to go on sale,” a 49ers store salesman said, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

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