NFL News: 'Every situation is a learning situation for Jarryd Hayne,' says 49ers coach

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Jarryd Hayne
San Francisco 49ers special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey said Jarryd Hayne is going to make some mistakes in his rookie season. Reuters/Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey understands Jarryd Hayne’s second fumble in his young NFL career was a rookie mistake, insisting that every situation for the Australian rugby league star is a learning situation.  

Hayne has tasted his third straight loss at the early stages of his NFL career with the 49ers after losing against the Green Bay Packers 17-3 earlier this week. The Australian sensation was not able to draw the energy that resulted to a 37-yard return when the club played the Arizona Cardinals but instead fumbled a catch after being crashed into by teammate LJ McCray.

“He’s going to make some mistakes and he’s going to make some plays because he’s a talented guy,” McGaughey said, reports Fox Sports. “But, every situation is a learning situation for Jarryd because he has never played football before.”

Hayne, who has only played eight American football games in his life ever since his successful transition to NFL, was only limited to just two six-yard punt returns, with the Packers’ punter deliberately kicking the ball away from Hayne. Monday’s play went down as Hayne’s second muffed catch at Levi’s Stadium after the former Eel dropped the ball in the 49ers home opener against Minnesota Vikings.

However, McGaughey seemed to blame Hayne for fumbling the catch, which eventually recovered by Dontae Johnson at the 49ers’ 28-yard line. McGaughey said Hayne took too long to call for a fair catch in the team’s loss against the Packers, leading to confusion among his teammates, hence the fumble. The special teams coach also added that it was his teammates’ job to focus on blocking opposing players at Hayne and the ball.

“Obviously it was a late read. I was actually going to poison it and let it go but I thought it might hit one of our guys so I went for it and threw my body in there,” Hayne explained, reports News. “I was obviously hoping to catch it but I think one of their gunners made a good play, nudged one of our boys into me and knocked me off balance.”

San Francisco will face another huge test on Sunday when they face the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. It will be a head-to-head between Hayne and fellow Aussie Giants punter Brad Wing, who has been spectacular for New York.

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