Few strategy games have been hyped up like the upcoming “XCOM 2,” the PC exclusive sequel to the critically acclaimed “XCOM: Enemy Unknown.” While the game is still coming out in February, the development team in Firaxis Games has decided to show off a number of the game’s environments, one of which is a “Small Town.”

These small town settings are interesting, since this seems to be the home for most humans after the ADVENT event happened. Small towns is where humans can still live life normally without the constant observation of aliens, though that doesn’t mean it will be that way for long.

According to the official XCOM website, players are going to protect the people here from the forces of ADVENT. Despite some normalcy, there are still ADVENT guards and propaganda billboards trying to tempt the citizens to go to the city where life seems better, under the control of these alien forces of course.

Certain parts of these areas really give a small town feel, like diners and churches that most people would go to if they grew up in similar areas. Protecting them from alien forces might feel extra personal, especially if there are any major story events that might happen here.

Those wondering why the status quo is so much different from the first game should know that “XCOM 2” takes place 20 years after the events of “Enemy Unknown,” according to GameSpot. From the information released so far it seems like ADVENT came and took over the world, with plenty of citizens enjoying the privileges without knowing the true horror behind the scenes.

The original XCOM team no longer has the influence it once had, as they now have to work in the shadows in order to take down ADVENT. The acclaimed gameplay from the last game returns, but players will have to be more careful with their resources now that they’re more limited than in the previous game.

“XCOM 2” is slated for a release on Feb. 5 and will be a PC exclusive when it comes out. The game might head to consoles afterwards, but Firaxis or 2K Games have confirmed nothing.

What's New in XCOM 2? (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)

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