Jennifer Esposito with Sean Murray and Emily Wickersham
Actress Jennifer Esposito poses for a selfie with her "NCIS" co-stars Sean Murray and Emily Wickersham. Instagram/jenniferesposito.jwaybakery

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service or the "NCIS" cast 2017, which includes Mark Harmon (NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs), Sean Murray (NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee), Maria Bello (Special Agent Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane), Jennifer Esposito (Alex Quinn), Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and Wilmer Valderrama (Nicholas "Nick" Torres), will have an upcoming episode titled "Voices," which airs on Tuesday in the US. It will show McGee and Delilah (Margo Harshman) disagreeing about decisions regarding their new baby.

Spoiler alert: This article contains more 'NCIS' spoilers 2017. Read on only if you want to know more about what happens in 'Voices,' which airs on CBS in the US and on Channel Ten in Australia.

A CBS press release states that "NCIS" season 15, episode 8 will show Delilah and McGee disagreeing on whether they should find out their baby's sex immediately or wait until later to keep it a surprise. Meanwhile, the rest of the "NCIS" team will investigate another murder that involves a person of interest (POI) in a fraud and bribery case. His dead body was found by a runner who was reportedly led to the location by a strange voice. "Voices" was directed by Tony Wharmby and written by Steven D. Binder.

'Voices' stars

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the guest stars that will appear in "Voices" include Muse Watson (Mike Franks), Laura Regan (Amber Davis), Tom Degnan (Lonnie Davis) and Gino Montesinos (Viggo Siggurdson). They will be joined by David Pevsner (Driver) and Ben Begley (Jimmy Lancaster). The other "NCIS" cast members will also be part of this episode including Brian Dietzen (Dr Jimmy Palmer), Emily Wickersham (NCIS Special Agent Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop), Rocky Carroll (NCIS Director Leon Vance), Duane Henry (MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves) and David McCallum (Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard).

'NCIS' episodes

The episodes before "Voices" were "Burden of Proof," "Trapped" and "Fake It 'Til You Make It," which aired on CBS on Nov. 7, Oct. 31 and Oct. 24. "Burden of Proof" was directed by Dennis Smith and Gina Lucita Monreal. It showed Senior FBI Agent Fornell (Joe Spano). He collaborated with the NCIS team as he was also the lead investigator in the original joint NCIS and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case.

"Trapped" was written by Brendan Fehliy and directed by Bethany Rooney. It featured a petty officer found murdered on a golf course. As for "Fake It 'Til You Make It," it showed McGee's teen photo, which became a meme.

"NCIS" 2017 regularly airs in Australia on Channel Ten every Tuesday at 8:30 pm. It also airs on CBS in the US at 8-9 pm ET/PT on Tuesdays. After "Voices," the episode titled "Ready or Not" will air on Nov. 21. Stay tuned for more updates about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service team in the coming weeks.

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