NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Actors Chris O'Donnell (R) and LL Cool J
Actors Chris O'Donnell (R) and LL Cool J star in the CBS show "NCIS Los ANgeles". Here, they pose at a CBS television fall season premiere event in Los Angeles September 16, 2010. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

"NCIS Los Angeles" season 9, starring LL COOL J (NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna), Chris O'Donnell (NCIS Special Agent G. Callen), Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Detective Marty Deeks) and Daniela Ruah (NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye), will have an upcoming episode titled "Forasteira," which airs in the US on Sunday, Dec. 10. It will feature Callen and Hanna's team dealing with a highly skilled assailant who wants justice for her dad's death.

Spoiler Alert: This article has more 'NCIS Los Angeles' spoilers. Read on if you want to know what happens next on 'Forasteira.'

"NCIS Los Angeles" season 9, episode 10 will show the NCIS team tracking down an assailant who wants to avenge the death of her father. She plans to do this by killing a Brazilian diplomat. Eric Pot directed this episode, which was written by Erin Broadhurst.

'Forasteira' stars

The guest stars that will appear in this episode are Benny Nieves (Consul General Enzo Souza), Paula Jai Parker (Ellie), Bernardo De Paula (Jackson Horton), Tony Curtis Blondell (Guy), Martin Chavez (Consul Guard), Mariela Garriga (Pietra Rey), Marcus Deanda (Elegant Man / Luciano Carvalho), Tommy Martinez (Club Kid) and Andrea Bordeaux (NCIS Special Agent Harley Hidoko). They will be joined by the rest of the "NCIS Los Angeles" cast including Nia Long (Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley), Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beale), Renée Felice Smith (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones) and Linda Hunt (Henrietta "Hetty" Lange).

'NCIS Los Angeles' episodes: 'Fool Me Twice' and 'All is Bright'

The episode prior to "Forasteira" was "Fool Me Twice," which aired in the US on Nov. 26. It showed the return of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Agent Joelle Taylor/Beth (Elizabeth Bogush) in Callen's life. However, it's not because she wants to reunite with her old flame. She asked for Callen's help after she escaped from a kidnapping. Although, the NCIS LA team was highly suspicious of her backstory.

Benny Boom directed "Fool Me Twice," while Andrew Bartels wrote it. The other stars that appeared in "NCIS Los Angeles" season 9, episode 9 are Andrew Bowen (Nick), Jack Fisher (Peter), Phil Morris (Colton Leach), Roy Abramsohn (Businessman) and Jason Jin (Larry).

"NCIS: Los Angeles" TV series airs at 9:30 pm every Tuesday on TEN. It also airs in the US every Sunday at 9:30-10:30 pm ET/PT on the CBS TV Network. The next episode after "Forasteira" is "All is Bright," and it will air on Dec. 17. Stay tuned for more updates about the "NCIS LA" team in the coming weeks.