Charles Halford (R) during a panel for the television show "Constantine"
British actor and cast member Matt Ryan (L) speaks along side cast member Charles Halford (R) during a panel for the television show "Constantine" at the Television Critics Association NBCUniversal Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 13, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Talks whether "Constantine" will be renewed for Season 2 has been ongoing for the past weeks. NBC recently expressed their worry over the show's ratings, which they supposedly used as basis in determining the future of the series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Constantine" suffered a lost of 3.1 million viewers since it was moved to its new earlier timeslot at 8:00 pm. It reportedly also earned a 0.8 rating among viewers ages 18-49, a 20 percent drop compared to the show's last episode in December. Recently, NBC president Jennifer Salke shared her views on where the show is headed following the rating's significant drop.

During the TCA Press tour on Friday, Jan 16, Salke claimed they're "still talking" on whether "Constantine" will be renewed for a Season 2. She also expressed her wish for the show to have "done better live." It has a big viewership after [it airs] in all kinds of ways and it has a younger audience, but the live number is challenging," she said.

On the other hand, NBC's entertainment chairman Robert Greenbalt also likened "Constantine" to other shows. He supposed the drop in ratings may be attributed to the fact that it's not like other DC comics that has a wider range of audiences, like "The Flash". Greenbalt revealed NBC "got on the bandwagon" in producing shows based on comics because of their recent popularity. However, he also claimed "Constantine" may "suffer a little bit there" since it's not one of the famous and known DC comics such as "Batman."

However, both Greenbalt and Salke expressed their love for the show and for the star character, Matt Ryan. There are reportedly no definite plans for the show yet so per Salke, it's "still fair to say we're really still talking about it." Meanwhile, Greenbalt supposed NBC's "Constantine" did a far better interpretation of the comics and the character, compared with Keanu Reeve's version of Matt Ryan. Thus, for nowhe said decisions on whether the show will be renewed for a Season 2 is "still up in the air." According to Galactic News One, probably one of the reasons for the drop in the ratings is the show's time slot. Having it on a Friday, where most of the young people are out partying, is supposedly not a good strategy. Likewise, live numbers should reportedly already be discarded because viewers nowadays would rather opt for streaming and DVR.

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