Steve Kerr’s return to the Golden State Warriors is still unknown after suffering a spinal fluid leak during a back surgery last July. The Warriors head coach, who led the team to an NBA title in his rookie year as mentor, has missed all of Golden State’ preseason games because of the back surgery complications.

"I had a spinal fluid leak during the first surgery. It's very rare, it does happen occasionally, but it happens when there's an accidental nick of the dura that surrounds the spinal cord. But I lost spinal fluid, took about a month to figure out what was going on, a lot of headaches, some other symptoms,” Kerr shared to ESPN in a recent interview.

Kerr admitted that he is feeling better and that the “leak is fixed” but still suffering from symptoms that has caused him to miss the team’s preseason activities. Kerr’s coaching helped the Warriors defeat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals in six games. Kerr holds the NBA record for most regular season wins (67 wins) as a rookie head coach and became the first rookie coach to win an NBA title since Pat Riley did it in the 1982 NBA Finals.

A former NBA point guard for multiple NBA squads including the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, the 50-year-old Kerr is one of the top young coaches in the league despite his limited experience as head mentor in the NBA.

Kerr, along with core players Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala, among others, are set to defend their title in the upcoming 2015-2016 NBA Season. The defending champions open the new season against the upstart New Orleans Pelicans on Oct. 27.

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