Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents' official Twitter account remains online while the website's various domains have been seized and blocked by authorities worldwide. Twitter/@kickasstorrents

While the original Kickass Torrents (KAT) site may not be back and may never be back, a mysterious KAT link has emerged online and users are surprised to find it’s working properly. Thus, everyone’s favourite torrent site KAT is still searchable. Numerous KAT mirror sites and proxies have come up and US authorities are relentlessly trying to take them down too.

While most are now flocking to The Pirate Bay (TPB) and Extratorrents for their daily dose of movies, TV shows and much more, one KAT site is still very much operational. Katcr is working fine and torrent users may use the site for downloads.

While the hunt continues, KAT is finding one way or the other to remain operational. Numerous reports of KAT still being functional are now flooding the Internet. However, apart from Katcr, most KAT mirror sites are spam and they ask for personal and important financial information from users.

It is advisable not to fall prey to them, as proving important credit card information can be dangerous. The mysterious KAT link, Katcr, however does not ask for any such personal information and works exactly like the now taken down KAT site, writes Parent Herald.

After US authorities took down the number one torrent site KAT and arrested its owner Artem Vaulin in Poland, TPB quickly moved to take the coveted spot. Extratorrents also made brisk business. In fact TPB and Extratorrents are now the most visited sites for torrent users.

While reports suggest that TPB and Extratorrent’s future is also uncertain, people hope that at least TPB won’t die as it has previously dealt with authorities and still stayed strong. Other torrent sites that are experiencing a surge in traffic are, and RARBG. Torrentz made a hasty exit fearing action by legal authorities.

While there is little certainty as to KAT’s return, users can now use the still operational sites for the time being. However, torrent users should know that many countries have imposed heavy penalty on use of torrents.