Jenny Castro
Jenny Castro, 36, holds her 11-month-old daughter Gabriella Castro up at the Nashuva Spiritual Community Jewish New Year celebration on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, United States. Reuters/ Lucy Nicholson

Mother’s Day is on May 14 and a lot of folks are likely looking for gifts or planning something special for their moms. Google tries to help out with a special Mother’s Day Photos app, a costless alternative that aims to brighten any mom’s day.

Using apps to brighten mom’s day isn’t exactly new. It is a practice done on most occasions with photos being the main ingredient. Hence, for the Google Mother’s Day app to function properly, having an ample supply of photos of your mom on your account will be needed. For those who want to upload their pictures to Google Photos, you can do so here.

The Google Mother’s Day app is available for both iOS and Android. One just needs to sync their photos where the facial recognition would carry on and produce the movie which would last 45-seconds. A corresponding heartwarming and/or sweet track will be added to compliment the photos selected – pretty much similar to how Facebook does it with their friendship anniversary clips.

The extra effort could be a bane for some but looms a better recourse than the automated route. The latter would make Google pick the photos – something most know will likely be unreliable according to Engadget. Folks can view the clip before sending it via the Assistant screen, something that can be saved or shared.

The Google Mother’s Day Photo app may not be much but can brighten the day of any mom. Some may use it as their actual gift while others could simply go through a little effort to honor their mom outside the traditional gifts and plans ahead.

Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, flowers and cakes are expected to be the ones given away. Some will treat their mom out or even try to whip up something like giving mom a special meal like breakfast in bed.

Handing out gifts will be appreciated but moms will likely appreciate something unique. It doesn’t have to be tangible for those short on budget. Doing the usual chores mom’s do would go a long way with the intent of giving them a break at least for one day – which is May 14.

Mom’s do have their roles, both working and housewives. Mother’s Day only comes once a year. Hence, whether it be through gifts or a simple Google Mother’s Day video, expect your mom to appreciate and love the effort. A sample clip of what the Google App can do can be seen below.