Mortal Kombat 2016 DLC
The four teased characters for the 2016 "Mortal Kombat X." Twitter/NetherRealm Studios

This weekend, mobile gamers can look forward to some new updates for two most popular titles, “The Simpsons Tapped Out” and “Mortal Kombat X” mobile. Specifically, the updates bring a pre-Christmas mini event and a new challenge to get a brand new fighter.

‘The Simpsons Tapped Out’ Turkey Thanksgiving event

Before Christmas official hits, Electronic Arts has rolled out a mini event that heralds to another holiday, which is Thanksgiving. Instead of the usual Thanksgiving-themed items in the store, there is a mini event that goes along with it.

There are five prizes up for grabs in the Thanksgiving 2015 update. These include the Heimlich Animation for Homer, The Vast Waistband Building, the 360 Degree Buffet Table, the Turkey Stuffer and the King-sized Homer.

The mini event features tasks that need to be accomplished to get the next prize. Most of the level quests will require Homer to do a particular task and make players gather drumsticks. The latter quest can be done in two ways—by tapping on NPC turkeys that turn into drumsticks or sending particular chracters to accomplish tasks that garner drumsticks.

There are also a couple of new items that have arrived in the Store to complete the Thanksgiving atmosphere. Starting off with the free items, the Cornucopia can be earned for accomplishing some easy tasks. This item grants 0.05 percent bonus on cash and XP earned.

In the store, however, the additional items are premium. Making a comeback as a combo is Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino with the Tribal Chief both for 150 donuts. In addition, another Simpsons is available for purchase: Marge’s Mom together with the Piggly’s Super Smorg, which is cheaper at 140 donuts. Finally, there is also the combo costumes of Puritan Flanders and Sacagawea Lisa at 80 donuts for the bundle. However, players should note that these costumes used to be free last Thanksgiving 2014.

Other premium items for Thanksgiving decoration include the Work from Home Station, the Pow-Wow Casino Sign, the Heimlich Machine and the Caged Tom Turkey. Those who want additional balloons in their Springfield can also shell out 40 donuts for the Bart Balloon, which adds 2 percent bonus on cash and XP.

The Thanksgiving 2015 event will be available until Dec. 1. Considering the timeline, the Christmas 2015 event will most likely arrive after this event.

‘Mortal Kombat X’ Ronin Kenshi challenge

With Jason Voorhees now gone with the challenge for the Unstoppable Jason and the multiplayer featuring the Slasher Jason Gold card prize, a new challenge awaits “Mortal Kombat X” Android mobile players. This time, fans will see a Japanese-costumed Kenshi, dubbed aptly as the Ronin Kenshis.

Garbed in an armoured-suit, the red Hannya mask and the obligatory wraps for Kenshi’s eyes, the Ronin Kenshi looks every bit a terrifying fighter. The Ronin Kenshi Gold card has the Kenjutsu passive, which allows for 30 percent attack against martial artists. In addition, when Ronin Kenshi blocks a special attack, his attacks will be unblockable and will auto-crit for two seconds.

To obtain the newest skin for Kenshi, players need to go through the usual five match stages. This time, apart from the template Bronze only, Silver and Bronze only and Silver characters only, the two latter stages will require a Spec Ops character and Ermac to be in the team.

As of writing, the Ronin Kenshi challenge for “Mortal Kombat X” mobile still has a good 18 days to go before it expires. For players who do not have an Ermac character yet, there is an easy way to get this. There is a silver Ermac character that can be bought using for only 75,000 Koins. Unlike Souls, Koins are easier to get just by playing the game.

Of course, since this is a last-stage character, it is best to max out the fusion level as much as possible, especially for those who want to get a second Ronin Kenshi Gold card in the Difficult stage. There are two Ermac Gold cards available in the store. The Spectral Ermac, sold at 275 Souls, has the ability to get 50 percent of the attack and toughness of a defeated teammate once in a match.

The other, more expensive version is Master of Souls Ermac at 325 Souls. This Ermac enables fellow Outworld fighters to start the match with one bar of power each. Paired with a Mournful Kitana, this will automatically boost the Power of Outworld characters to two bars of power at the start of each match.

Players who have been saving acquired Souls during the Jason Voorhees event challenge and multiplayer challenges would do well to make a Gold Ermac card purchase. This not only allows for faster run-through of the matches—since one match eats up three bars of Energy per round—but also boosts one’s fighting chance to obtain that second Ronin Kenshi Gold Card.

A good tip when fighting Ronin Kenshi would be to make use of his Shadow Clone. Ronin Kenshi switches out with a Spirit Kenshi that does not take damage. However, what is at the player’s advantage is that hitting the Shadow Clone lets the player’s fighters gain Power really fast. Best to fight him with characters that have all three Power bars open for garnering energy.

"Mortal Kombat X" Ronin Kenshi challenge (Credit: YouTube/Kuos)

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