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"Gods of Olympus" gameplay. Press release

Real-time strategy (RTS) games can be a tough sell for the casual player, but have proven to be a major success in the filed of mobile gaming. It seems like the developers in Aegis Interactive are aware of this, promising that “Gods of Olympus” would appeal to both causal players and hardcore fans of the strategy genre.

“Gods of Olympus” is a free-to-play real-time strategy game, similar to the incredibly popular “Clash of Clans,” which has dominated the mobile scene. That being said, “Gods of Olympus” will have one major difference from “Clash of Clans,” and the title of the game hints at the difference.

An article from Virtual Strategy has confirmed that players will be able to control Gods from Olympus like Zeus, Apollo and Athena. While mobile players can still rally troops and place weapons on the battlefield, they can call upon the wrath of the Gods to turn any battle into their favor.

The press release from Aegis Interactive has confirmed that players will get more gods as they progress through the game. With more gods at the players' command, they will be able to play with more than one god for single battles. Each God will have three very distinct powers, all of which can be upgraded to maximum effectiveness, making it a crucial part of the game.

Players will be rewarded for their strategic mind, whether they’re thinking about a proper defense from a tough opponent, or an aggressive attack to take the win. It seems like a solid system, and one that other games of the genre should probably take note of.

Fans of multiplayer will be happy to know that the game supports real-time cooperative play, so any mobile gamer can help their friend in need. Players can send support to fellow players using any of the troops to assist other players and wreck havoc on their foes.

“Gods of Olympus” is available now on the iTunes App Store, and is currently one of the featured apps in the games page. It will be interesting to see if the game reaches the same heights of Olympus, but most fans are just hoping that it will be good, which looks to be the case.

Gods of Olympus - Game Play Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Gods of Olympus)