Fans of “The Legend of Zelda” series and science fiction stories will be happy to hear about “Songbringer,” a new mobile roleplaying game (RPG) coming to iOS next summer. The use of gameplay elements from the beloved Nintendo series and the addition of a fresh sci-fi setting makes this title one to look out for.

Like other games before it, “Songbringer” started out as a Kickstarter project, which was successfully funded. The game needed $9,000 (AU$12,414.31) and managed to make $15,063 (AU$20,777.99) even before the project's deadline, proving that there are really people interested in the game.

“Songbringer” puts gamers in the shoes of Roq Epimetheos. The traveller comes across a Nanosword in a hidden cave and accidentally wakes up to an ancient evil. As the rules in fiction dictate, it’s up to Roq to stop this ancient evil from taking over the world.

Roq isn’t defenseless, as he has the Nanosword that accidentally unleashed the evil to the world. Thankfully, the Nanosword is upgradable and players can also unlock more abilities, like the flame teleport and a ghost sword that summons fire and lightning.

To save the world, Roq must travel to different alien planets and explore the dungeons while also taking on a number of bosses, according to Pocket Gamer. Making things more interesting is the fact that each world is randomly generated, so players are never in the same planet.

The game looks action-packed, with tons of enemies to fend off and puzzles to solve, so there’s plenty of variety in “Songbringer.” If done well, “Songbringer” could be one of the most interesting games of 2016, considering the elements that it uses and borrows from “Zelda.”

So far, “Songbringer” doesn’t have an official release date, though the developers are aiming for a summer 2016 release. The game will be available on Steam first and it will then make its way into iOS and Android devices. Console versions of the game were originally planned, but the title didn’t reach those stretch goals, though success could eventually pave the way for a console release.

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