Coders Rest In The Office Of Swedish Company Mojang In Stockholm
Coders rest in the Mojang company office in Stockholm January 21, 2013. A pool table, a pinball machine, board games and Lego dot the offices of Mojang, the small Swedish company behind the wildly popular Minecraft video game, and one of its founders is wearing a tuxedo and purple tie on a recent "formal Friday". The atmosphere reflects the independent spirit that has contributed to the raw identity of the game that has just sold 20 million copies. The founders want to keep it that way. Mojang, the Swedish word for gadget, has so far resisted selling to a bigger player or listing on the stock market even though that could mean monster payoffs for the 25-person staff and funding to expand dramatically its games. Picture taken January 21, 2013. Reuters/Ints Kalnins

4J Studios is capping the year off with some updates for the "Minecraft" versions on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. In the latest Twitter update from the console-version developer of the title, 4J Studios has alerted fans playing those versions on the progress of each title update.

After a couple of weeks, developer 4J Studios has announced the good news via its official Twitter page, as seen in the tweet below. While it may seem odd, the updates for the other platforms have already been out for those in North America.

No news yet from Sony America on the PS4 update, but they have completed testing the PS3 & PSVita update, and those are out now :)

— 4J Studios (@4JStudios) December 25, 2014

For now, 4J Studios are on break until the New Year. But after that, fans can start anticipating once more as the team will be back to fixing bugs in the update. Even with the PS4 update still having an indefinite release date, the developer has already released the change list, which affects all three PlayStation consoles. As a quick run-through, here are some of the notable additions to look forward to with the Patch 1.12:

- Hardened clay

- Stained clay

- Block of coal

- Hay bale

- Activator rail

- Block of redstone

- Daylight sensor

- Dropper

- Hopper

- Minecart with Hopper

- Minecraft with TNT

- Redstone comparator

- Weighted pressure plate

- Beacon

- Trapped chest

- Firework rocket

- Firework star

- Nether star

- Lead

- Horse armor

- Name tag

- Horse spawn egg

- New mobs of Wither, Wither Skeletons, witches, bats, horses, donkeys and mules

- New terrain generation features

- Fireworks

- Adventure mode

There are also a few new changes worth anticipating in the list. Check out the complete log in the link here.

Those who are looking to add more "Minecraft" into their habit can now look at two more "Minecraft" apps that can enhance building adventures. The first is the redesigned version of "Minecraft Skin Studio," which revamps the look of the previously released app.

More than just giving the old app an update, developer 57 digital has opted to create the app once more. This is to make it one of the best companion apps for "Minecraft," which has undergone its own changes after so many title updates.

Some of the new features include a new user interface that makes editing easier. There are also 3D previews available even when editing. Currently, there are 900,000 community skins available, and players will be able to add their own creation to the mix or download an existing skin and edit to their heart's content. The skin creation can be uploaded to from which players can apply the skin on the PC or Mac.

There's also a trial version up for grabs called the Skin Studio Lite, but note that there are onlu limited tools for creating a Minecraft skin. The Pro version allows the Encore upgrade for free and widens the range of usable tools.

Another app meant for "Minecraft" is the "Minecraft Seeds Pro," which has just received an update. "Minecraft" developer Mojang touts it as the best seed-sharing app for the franchise. The changes that come with the update include up to 10-people group private messaging to "Minecraft" friends, thousands of seeds and creations to browse through, ability to share creations and play with others and customisation capabilities for the profile.

"Minecraft Skin Studio" Encore (Credit: YouTube/57Digital)

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