Microsoft Surface Pro 3
An attendee photographs the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3, during the event in New York May 20, 2014. Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Microsoft has recently attempted to lure Apple MacBook users. Apparently, Microsoft has come up with a specific website to make MacBook users switch to Surface Pro 3 seamlessly.

Reportedly, the tech giant launched the website over the weekend. Aptly named, Microsoft's "Making the Switch" website is packed with information on Windows basics and questions and answers section specific to switching from an Apple MacBook to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. In addition, there are details about content migration and the much-required integration of a Surface Pro 3 with an iPhone, iCloud and even iTunes, notes MacRumors.

There is also a dedicated section for current MacBook users. In that section, Microsoft has listed down standard information, tips and tricks to get through the basic functions on its 2-in-1 tablet. This includes functionalities like searching, finding system settings and installing apps, to name a few. The site also offers information on alternatives to FaceTime and iMessage. Specifically, Microsoft is encouraging users to try Skype in place of FaceTime and iMessage.

In the past, Microsoft has reportedly always come out with ads that target Apple iPad users. However, the focus has now shifted to the MacBook users in an attempt to lure them with the Surface tablets. Notably, in 2013 and during the early parts of 2014, the tech giant focussed on the anti-iPad ads. However, after launching the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 3, the company has been targeting the MacBook users instead, observed MacRumors.

Adding cherry on top, Microsoft has recently launched a "Winter Wonderland" holiday ad by pitting the Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air. The ad showcases the versatility between the two devices, and as one would expect, Microsoft tablet's kickstand and touchscreen are the stars in the ad. Needless to say, it is not going to be easy for MacBook users to switch straight away to the Surface tablet, but the tech giant is trying its best to market its unique tablet. Notably, Microsoft's tagline for the Surface Pro 3 is "The tablet that can replace your laptop." Interested readers can check out the latest ad below.

What do you think of the new site? Can Microsoft succeed in amassing Apple's customers? Feel free to leave a comment.

(Credit: YouTube/Surface)

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