Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft is reportedly working hard on the Surface Pro 5. It is going to be the most-powerful Surface Pro device yet. It will come with some heavy-duty hardware, a well-detailed screen and the latest Windows 10 feature. Facebook/Surface

There is no such thing as Microsoft Surface Pro 5. It doesn’t exist. Corporate Vice-President of Devices at Microsoft and Surface creator Panos Panay has made this shocking reveal ahead of the Shanghai event on May 23. He has confirmed his presence at the event.

Microsoft is expected to launch new surface hardware at the event. But one thing’s for sure, the Surface Pro 5 won’t be there and the company seems to have no plans for it either. Fans have been eagerly expecting the device to be revealed at this Shanghai event. On a positive note, the Redmond-based tech giant will reveal a new Surface device. Last week Panay confirmed his presence via a tweet that simply contained the hashtag #Surface. Initially it was speculated that the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled.

Panay has spoken to CNET, stating that the company won’t release the Surface Pro 5 till the time it has achieved “meaningful change” over its predecessor. He also added that this change need not necessarily be a hardware change. It can also be experiential that will make a big difference in the product line. On the other hand, meaningful change could also mean a reduction in weight of the product or an improved battery life. Thus, whenever the device is released, users can expect more than just a change in processor.

Fans are now speculating that Microsoft, instead of coming up with a Surface Pro 5, may choose to upgrade the Surface Pro 4 with an Intel Kaby Lake processor. Thus, as it is evident, there are innumerable possibilities because “Surface hardware” can actually mean anything. There is no other option but to wait for the Shanghai event to really know what Microsoft is planning. Could it be the Surface Phone? Recent rumours suggest that the device is already in the works. Will Microsoft stun the world by releasing this highly-awaited smartphone?

This project is also being reportedly headed by Panay. Insider sources have revealed that Intel is greatly involved in this smartphone project. Intel could be helping out Microsoft in bridging the gap between a productive mobile device and a smartphone. While the Surface-maker has never acknowledged the existence of such a phone, it has given several hints in the past. The mystery hardware to be unveiled in May could be anything, even a Surface Book. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on upcoming Surface devices.

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