Last year, there were several reports circulating on the internet that Microsoft Surface Phone may be released in 2016. According to rumoured specs, the Surface Phone enters into a direct competition with iPhone.

After seeing the success of Surface Pro 4, Microsoft is planning to launch Surface Phone to continue the surface series. Android origin states that Microsoft Surface Phone will carry” insane tech specs” along with a customization deal. If Microsoft releases the Surface Phone with the reported features; then it comes in the high-end smartphone category with an apparent customisation in processor and memory, notes Android Origin.

Currently, Motorola is the master of customisation in processors and memory, but not in other hardware specs. Microsoft is known for its good hardware specs and with the launch of Surface Phone it may overtake Motorola and compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Since the Microsoft Surface Phone will be an iPhone competitor it is expected that the device will have an innovative design and will be a powerful smartphone. As Surface Phone is competing with Apple’s upcoming flagship devices, the handset may be launched in a close time span with the iPhone 7.

Apple is planning to launch 2016 MacBook Air in March, which will be followed by the MacBook Pro that will be released in June.

Earlier rumours suggested that Microsoft is working on business smartphones that focus heavily on productivity. The company already has a Lumia line aimed at everyday customers. Since the Surface Book is already doing well in the market, the Surface Phone will eventually complement the former; to cater more comprehensively to the business market, according to NPU.

It is expected that the Surface Phone will have a metallic build with an angular design. It may also have more business-focused components like the Surface Pen. The move comes at a time when Microsoft's mobile endeavours are in question.