Melania Trump is first family’s most popular member; Jared Kushner the least

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Melania and Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive at the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy. Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi

US First Lady Melania Trump is the most popular member of the First Family, a new poll has shown. The least popular was Jared Kushner, first daughter Ivanka Trump’s husband.

In the most recent Economist/YouGov Poll, Melania received a 48 percent approval rating. She ranks more popular than US President Donald Trump, whose 43 percent approval rating remained unchanged since last year. Based on the poll, the US President is the second most popular member of the Trump family.

The poll also shows that Melania is more popular than Ivanka. The two women were equally popular, each with a 44 percent approval rating, in the early days of the Trump presidency.

The evaluations of the POTUS’ sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump are at 36 and 32 percent, respectively. In February 2017, public opinion of the two was divided, with about as many holding a positive as a negative opinion.

The family member who is least popular among the American public is Kushner, who has an approval rating of just 25 percent. His approval rating remained unchanged from last year.

A CNN poll also shows that Melania is still more popular than her spouse. She is at a 47 percent favourable rating while Donald’s approval number stands at 40 percent, according to the poll conducted by SSRS.

The previous year has seen Melania’s approval number standing at 36 percent, with 23 percent having no opinion of her whatsoever. That figure stands at 16 percent now.

The latest poll puts Melania’s unfavourable rating at 37 percent. Donald’s disapproval rating is at 55 percent. The FLOTUS is an immigrant, yet her favourable rating among that group only stands at 23 percent. Fifty percent of those born in the US gave Melania a positive ranking.

Republicans are her top supporters at a favourable number of 79 percent. This can be compared to 23 percent of Democrats who have positive views of the first lady. Her biggest fans are those over the age of 50. The finding suggests that younger Americans are not as pleased with her as the older generation.

Melania is a little less popular than predecessor Michelle Obama was one year into former POTUS Barack Obama’s presidency. The FLOTUS continues to grow more comfortable with her role.

The CNN Poll was conducted by SSRS on January 14 to 18. It involved a random national sample of 1,005 adults. Respondents were reached via landlines or cellphones.