Mass Effect: Andromeda
“Mass Effect: Andromeda” official website has recently provided new insights into the two human members of the Pathfinder Team aboard Ark Hyperion. New crew profiles of Liam Kosta and Lieutenant Cora Harper have come up and fans are excited. EA is aiming high and expects three million unit sales before FY 2017. Reuters/BioWare

The highly anticipated game “Mass Effect: Andromeda” by BioWare is launching on March 21 (USA) and March 23 (Europe) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The studio is keeping fans excited by revealing tidbits of information prior to the release. Recently, it shared a five minute video showcasing the combat changes and diving deep inside the combat styles in the game. The YouTube video shows basics of combat and also reveals the game allows players to progress, upgrade weapons and add new skills.

Fans were surprised to see Halo-style fire fights and some incredible skills. According to The Verge, a big change players could have noticed is the elimination of specific classes in “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” It seems the game is up for a more free-wheeling approach without specific classes. Previous entries saw players picking roles that restricted the skills and attributes they could obtain. However, the trade-off came with perfect strengths players always looked forward to.

However, “Andromeda” is taking the gameplay to the next level by making players choose when to use combat over other skills. “Mass Effect: Andromeda” players may also choose to blend various attributes for a more balanced character. Fans are expecting more videos to be released as part of the series. BioWare and EA have shared just the first part of the multi-part series. Upcoming videos could take players through a breakdown of squads, crafting, multiplayer and more.

So, what are fans thinking after watching the full “Mass Effect: Andromeda” combat trailer? The video, posted on Feb. 17, has already received some 1,902,837 views on YouTube as of this moment. BioWare also shared the video on its official Facebook page and it’s flooded with comments from fellow fans and gamers.

“Wow! I love the look of the combat in this game, I want to get the game now. Also I was looking at all of the different types of planets, and they look beautiful and I can’t wait to explore them,” commented one fan, Marcos Chapman, on the BioWare Facebook page.

“Only a month to wait... I can't wait to put my whole life on hold for this game!” wrote Frederic St-Georges, another fan.

“The combat looks absolutely amazing and the graphics are stunning! Can't wait!” said Silas Andrew Tavares, another huge fan of the franchise.

Watch “Mass Effect: Andromeda” | Combat | Official Gameplay Series - Part 1 here. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on the game, video releases, reviews and more.