Mass Effect 4 Survey to Fans and More Promised Details at Comic Con

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"Mass Effect" is potentially one of BioWare's biggest assets, considering its fan base, and the reception of the leaks and rumours surrounding the title has been met with positive feedback and massive hype.

The developer does provide enough attention to the franchise, considering that, in the coming San Diego Comic Con 2014, "Mass Effect 4" will also be taking the stage.

Forbes reports that a panel for "Mass Effect 4" will be held at the SDCC 2014, and BioWare has already confirmed this event. Titled "Charting a Course: Developing at the Next Mass Effect," the panel will be an hour-long experience, which will be led by "Mass Effect 4" producers, senior artist, lead animator and its community manager.

While a release date of 2015 is technically being too optimistic at the moment, fans have been going round with speculations on how the next "Mass Effect" game will push through. The report even touches on how BioWare could successfully continue from "Mass Effect 3" given the three different endings, or how they could be collated in a cohesive manner for "Mass Effect 4."

But for the meantime, BioWare seems actively engaged in ensuring that the franchise is successful, starting with a new survey being rolled out by the developers.

New Survey from BioWare Slated to Improve Next 'Mass Effect'

To get fans started on the "Mass Effect 4" fever, developer BioWare has started rolling out a new survey for fans of the franchise. According to the developers, they are trying to ensure that the "Mass Effect 4" will be the best game experience to date.

At the top of the survey, BioWare has left a message for fans, which states:

"We will be asking you questions that will help the designers as they look forward toward putting together the next Mass Effect game. we will be asking you about the type of games that you play, what you look forward to in Mass Effect games, and your involvement in fan community activities."

Eurogamer also has spotted the tweet from BioWare's Michael Gamble, who is also the Mass Effect producer.

The interesting point made is that, even though the game's overall structure is potentially already laid down, the survey may be a means for BioWare to roll out an effective marketing scheme.

For those who are interested in helping out BioWare, here's a link to the survey. This is not surprising, considering that BioWare already showcased some concept images of "Mass Effect 4" as well as an early footage, seen below.

"Mass Effect 4" prototype trailer (via YouTube/Eurogamer)

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