Mac users, who pre-ordered either Steam Link or Steam Controller, have run into a problem as Valve stated that the hardware isn’t compatible with Mac computers yet. The company is reportedly working on the issues. However, in the mean time, Mac users were given the “Valve Complete Pack” as an apology.

Here are the issues surrounding the hardware, reported by Polygon. The Steam Link connects a television to the PC or Mac in order to stream game videos, but it can’t be streamed on Mac for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, the Steam Controller doesn’t support gamepad emulation on Mac computers, which is obviously problematic.

In order to make it up to those Mac users who pre-ordered the hardware, Valve gave them the aforementioned “Valve Complete Pack” free of charge. The bundle usually costs around $99.99 and contains all of the games Valve have made and will continue to make, as the pack ensures that players will get their future games.

The games in the pack include “Half-Life,” “Half-Life 2,” “Counter Strike,” “Team Fortress 2,” “Portal 2,” “Left 4 Dead” and much more. These are some of the most popular computer games out there and almost makes up for the hardware mishaps that are currently plaguing Macs.

This hardware issue will be fixed in a few weeks, though no official date has been revealed. Fans can request a refund for either the Steam Link or the Steam Controller and can still keep the “Valve Complete Pack.”

According to VG24/7, unsatisfied customers have 60 days to ask Valve for a refund, otherwise they’re stuck with the faulty hardware. Granted, the company is working on a solution, so it shouldn’t be faulty for long, but those that want a refund should act quickly.

Still, the “Valve Complete Pack” is a nice gesture from the company and is probably enough of an apology for Mac users who don’t own any of these games. That being said, Mac users who already bought these titles may not be pleased with the compensation, though it might be hard to complain about, since the pack by itself is pretty expensive.

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Reviewing the Valve Complete Pack (Half-Life Machinima) (Credit: YouTube/Machinima)