‘America's Next Top Model’ Cycle 20 Guys and Girls Finale Part 2: 'The Guy Or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model': Who Won? [VIDEO]

“America's Next Top Model” (ANTM) Cycle 20 Guys and Girls Finale Part 2 named “The Guy Or Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model” aired on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013 at The CW Network. Who won the said competition? Is it a guy, a girl or a gay? Is it Cory Hindorff representing Fierce Fuchsia, Jourdan Miller for Sunrise Smize or Marvin Cortes for Booch Blue?

Australian Model and Actress Megan Gale is Pregnant at 38

Australian model and actress Megan Gale is pregnant at 38 years old. This is her first time to become a mom. The father of her unborn child is her boyfriend, 25-year-old Australian rules football player Shaun Hampson who plays for the Richmond Football Club or The Tigers in the Australian Football League (AFL).
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The Devil Stole Prada

Three robberies within 48 hours hit different retail outlets in Toronto, Canada. In the latest incident, keeping with the high-end character of the fashion outlet, the robbers rode a white BMW X5 and stole $100,000 worth of items on Wednesday from a Prada shop.

Prada Embarks on Ambitious Expansion Plan

Italian fashion brand label Prada SpA is about to embark on an ambitious expansion rollout in the next three years mainly to pursue the promising income from the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as well as from countries in the Persian Gulf.

Aussie Retail Giant David Jones' Sales Dip 1.5%

High-end Australian department store David Jones reported its profit after tax dropped 1.5% to $170.8 million and sales fell 4.4% to $2053.1 million. David Jones attributed the decline the strong Aussie dollar and reduced consumer spending due to the global financial meltdown.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks

Remember, aging skin has its own set of special needs. While makeup is supposed to enhance your appearance, if not applied properly on aging skin it will have the exact opposite effect.