The Oculus Rift will come with a free adventure game when it hits the stores this year. The highly-anticipated virtual reality headset will be bundled with a free copy of “Lucky’s Tale.” Last month, the Facebook-owned company announced that the multiplayer space dogfighting game, "EVE: Valkyrie," will also be bundled with the headset, although the game will be shipped with preorders, not with every Oculus Rift.

The new announcement has come from a blog post published on the official website of Oculus. The post suggests that a copy of “Lucky’s Tale,” an adventure game developed for the VR platform, will be shipped with each Oculus Rift headset. The game is an original title from Playful Corp., a Texas-based game development firm.

Lucky’s Tale” is a game in which the player takes control of a fox and navigates the fun-loving character through different beautiful environments. This is going to be the second title that will be shipped free the with Oculus Rift. Meanwhile, all the preorders for virtual reality headset will get a free copy of “Eve: Valkyrie” packaged with the VR headset. “Eve: Valkyrie” is a space theme-based shooter game developed for the VR platform. Oculus has not announced any deadline date for preorders.

The gaming industry is full of such video game bundles where consoles are offered with exclusive or highly popular games to drive initial sales. As 2016 is going to be a major year for gamers, only 13 million PCs worldwide this year will be able to run VR headsets, Nvidia warns. According to a report by Bloomberg, very few people will have the PCs with essential graphics processing power to render VR images properly. So, it is expected that the VR headsets will initially gain tech-savvy consumers who'll invest in it, a report suggests.

The Oculus Rift is one of the few VR headsets scheduled to debut in 2016. The list of upcoming VR headsets includes PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. In November, Samsung Electronics released he Gear VR device. According to Samsung, the device works with Galaxy smartphones.

Lucky's Tale 2015 Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Playful)