Microsoft will not release its low-cost Lumia phones with Windows 10 for the Indian market anytime soon. The company is busy rebranding its new generation of smartphones and will re-launch the phones with Windows 10 in them.

Steve Guggenheimer, the chief evangelist at Microsoft Corporation said in an interview to the IANS, that the company’s busy re-building its new generation of smartphones. The idea is to update the devices with more powerful operating system and help them function better.

While he could not furnish a timelime for the new range of smartphones, he assured more powerful technology with Windows 10 loaded to the Lumia devices. He announced the latest features in Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL and the company’s future plans for smartphones for the Indian market.

Guggenheimer spoke to several eminent personalities in technology and innovation at the "Think Next 2015," where he discussed about Microsoft’s present plan to focus upon Lumia phones and then consider other functional areas.

Being a leading executive of industry leading services and applications, Guggenheimer also stressed on the need of high-end expensive smartphones in a market where Apple takes up the highest margin of costly sartphones, reports the Indian Express.

The company is known for manufacturing low cost to medium range and high cost smartphones for all types of customers. He further said that the need of highly priced flagship models is inevitable to compete with Apple’s devices.

The executive mentioned in his interview with the IANS that Windows 10 updates to Lumia phones will help business professional chalk out agendas using business tools available in the OS. The software helps to create emails and calendars for better performance.

Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 priced at INR 43, 699, (AU$652.17) and the Lumia 950XL at INT 49, 399 (AU$737.19). In India, the phones are available at Microsoft’s retail partners like Reliance, Croma, Microsoft Store on and Sangeetha.

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