Puma sexual intercourse
IN PHOTO: Two pumas in captivity copulate in the zoo in Managua July 10, 2008. Pumas are considered to be an endangered species. Reuters/Oswaldo Rivas

A woman was sent to jail for reportedly having loud sex that annoyed her neighbours. A district judge said that Gemma Wale, 23, from Birmingham, England, had violated an “anti-social behaviour order” by making loud noises while having sex, News Australia reports.

According to a complaint from a neighbour on January 29 at 5 am, Wale was screaming and shouting while having sex with her boyfriend and disturbed the neighbour’s sleep. The loud noises lasted for 10 minutes, said the neighbour.

Judge Emma Kelly of the Birmingham County Court gave the order and also added that Wale also violated the same order by arguing loudly with her boyfriend, only identified as Wayne, “running around in the property,” cussing at a neighbour, and making loud banging noises.

Wale, a mother of two, was sentenced to two weeks in jail, served her time on May 12 and has already been released. According to sources, Wale was not present during the court hearing, and Kelly noted that Wale did not show any remorse for her actions.

Wale was evicted from her former home and a neighbour narrated the experience. According to the neighbour, the sex was very loud and “difficult isn’t even the best word to describe her,” the neighbour said, as reported in the news. The woman, who refused to be identified, also claimed that her children would hear the noises too.

Different men were going in and out of Wale’s property during that time and she would end up sleeping all day. “It was the worst two years of my life,” the neighbour said. All the residents came together to keep Wale out.

The Birmingham Mail also reported that the former neighbour had complained to social services, the police and the council, but it took about a year for the council to take action. “It doesn’t surprise me she ended up being jailed. She deserved it,” the neighbour said.

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