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The original "Lords of the Fallen" was a game that tried to mix two different elements to its favour by trying to use the constant open world exploring and fighting of "Dark Souls," but in a more accessible light so players wouldn't have to throw their controllers in the ground out of frustration. The results were somewhat mixed as Metacritic averaged the game's overall score to a 68. People who liked it praised the combat system, interesting experience system and atmosphere, while those who didn't care for it called the world design bland, the bosses weak and more poignantly that it was a rip off of "Dark Souls."

Most would think that the comparisons to a more popular game are ridiculously unfair, but multiple critics have pointed out that the games are too similar for their own good. Griffin Valcheron from PlayStation Lifestyle, who praised the graphics and the gameplay for the most part said that the games are too alike to the point that comparison has to be made and IGN jokingly called it Lite-Souls as a small jab to the game's unoriginality.

In spite of its flaws the game sold relatively well, with Gamespot counting 700,000 units being sold, 200,000 of which were through retail stores. With those numbers it's a no brainer as to why developer Deck 13 is currently working on a sequel, this was later confirmed by executive producer Tomasz Gop's Facebook where he confirmed that conceptual work for "Lords of the Fallen 2" was underway while telling Eurogamer that they were working on a vision and concepts.

No word on if Namco Bandai would still be publishing the sequel like they did the first game or if a new company would publish it. Right now Deck 13 is very hush-hush with anything concerning the project with no announcements on how the gameplay would be different from its successor, the constant comparisons to "Dark Souls" and how they plan to address them, the release date of the game or what consoles it will be available for, though it's a safe bet that it will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Lords of the Fallen - World Trailer