LINK Business Brokers Australia
LINK Business Brokers Australia


Precision in valuation is not just a preference but a necessity in business sales and acquisitions. Historically, the industry has seen frequent mismatches between asking and selling prices due to valuation inaccuracies. Reports indicate that a significant portion of business transactions suffer from valuation errors, often leading to protracted negotiations or failed deals. This is where LINK Business Brokers Australia's innovative business valuation appraisal software steps in, bringing a much-needed shift to the sector.

Introducing LINK Business Brokers Australia

Established in 1996, LINK Business Brokers Australia specialises in connecting business buyers and sellers. One of LINK's key strengths is their data-driven decision-making approach. They employ innovative software that uses detailed market data for precise business sale comparisons. According to Farzin Hesari, the company CEO, this data is the foundation for their market insights and helps them navigate and interpret market trends.

This emphasis on factual data over subjective opinions has driven LINK's impressive growth, with a 52% year-on-year increase in Australia. Their approach highlights the company's commitment to accuracy and insight in business valuation appraisals, setting them apart in the market.

With over $5 billion in business transactions and support provided to 30,000 business owners, LINK's experience and innovative practices have established them as prominent figures in the industry. Hesari notes, "Our extensive experience makes us industry pioneers. We're more than brokers; we're strategic advisers." This highlights their role in guiding business transactions with expertise and foresight.

LINK's dominance in the field is also underscored by their market share of 13%, compared to the 4.8% of their nearest competitor. Their cutting-edge business valuation appraisal software has become a key tool in their arsenal.

Exemplary Client Service and Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a primary focus for LINK, as reflected in their impressive overall client ratings. Across all their offices in Australia, LINK has garnered a 4.8-star rating from a total of 1,378 reviews, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service. "Our objective is to guide and educate our clients through strategic exit planning. We're shaping futures, not just facilitating sales," Hesari states.

This commitment to excellence is consistent across LINK's network, affecting their operations across Australia and New Zealand. Their dedication to client success has been a cornerstone of their business model.

Future Directions and Continued Growth

LINK is well-positioned to further expand and exert influence in the business brokerage sector. The company is committed to upholding its core values of innovation and integrity, and aims to leverage technology and data to maintain its leadership position in the market. "We are focused on pushing boundaries and using our extensive knowledge and data to lead and transform the market,"says Hesari.

As they broaden their reach across Australia and New Zealand, LINK remains focused on embracing technological advancements and adapting to changing market dynamics. Their vision is to maintain their position at the forefront of the industry, guiding business owners toward successful and profitable ventures.