Homefront The Revolution
"Homefront: The Revolution" is an open-world first person shooter where players must lead the Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare against a superior military force. Deep Silver

“Homefront: The Revolution” may release on May 17, according to Target’s reservation card. The first-person shooter is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The US$1 (approx. AU$ 1.47) reservation card spotted in a Target retail store shows the May release date in two separate spots.

The said reservation card was spotted by Xbox Achievements. Reservation cards are considered a guarantee that the card owner will have a copy of the game. The cards grant a free US$5 (approx. AU$7.10) Target gift card as a preorder bonus.

Deep Silver, the game publisher for “Homefront: The Revolution,” has not announced the official release date of the game yet. However, Target's reservation card indicates that the game could hit the store shelves in the next couple of months.

“Homefront: The Revolution” is the sequel to “Homefront,” developed by Dambuster Studios. The upcoming game is an open world first-person shooter that takes place in the same environment as “Homefront,” which was released in 2011. According to the official website of the “Homefront: The Revolution,” the game is quite different from its predecessor. The new game allows players to use guerilla tactics against the opponent.

According to IGN, developer Deep Silver announced the game's release delay in March 2015 and said that the project was taking a bit longer than expected. The game was then pushed back to 2016. No official statements about “Homefront: The Revolution” have been released, as the team at Deep Silver are apparently busy as they are silently working on the development of the first-person shooter.

If the release date mentioned on “Homefront: The Revolution” reservation card holds firm, that’s big news for fans who had been expecting a 2015 release. As the game entered a development hell cycle due to several announcements in past, the leaked information spotted on the reservation cards seems to bring good news.

“Homefront: The Revolution” was originally revealed in 2011, but its previous developer THQ filed for bankruptcy in 2012, putting the future of the game into doubt. Later, Crytek appeared as hope for “Homefront” fans. However, the company also fell into serious financial trouble following the loss of its key employees.

Official Homefront: The Revolution 'Red Zone' Gameplay Demo [US] (Credit: YouTube/Homefront)