Labor national secretary George Wright resigns, joins BHP Billiton

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George Wright Labor national secretary quits resigns steps down
George Wright rose to become the national secretary of the Australian Labor Party in May 2011. YouTube/Australian Labor Party

After over five years of stirring the Australian Labor Party, George Wright has decided to quit the strategic post to return to the corporate sector.

Wright announced his resignation on social media after extensive discussion with his family and Labor leader Bill Shorten. He published a statement on Twitter announcing his decision shortly after informing the ALP National Secretariat of the news Tuesday morning.

“But after two federal election campaigns, two ALP National Conferences and numerous by-elections, it is time for me to spend more time with my family in my hometown in Melbourne,” Wright said.

Wright joins BHP Billiton

Wright did not disclose his plans moving forward on the statement but various media outlets reported that he is moving to a senior corporate role with mining giant BHP Billiton, which is headquartered in Melbourne.

Nevertheless, Wright said it was an “absolute honor and privilege” for him to have served as ALP National Secretary since 2011.

“I have considered it an absolute honour and privilege to serve the labour movement as National Secretary of the Party and I want to thank all of you for all the support you have shown Labor and the causes we’ve stood for during my time in the role.

“You have been wonderful and together we have built so much on every front: our information sharing, our activism, our fundraising, our advocacy, our volunteering and our campaigning.”

Meanwhile, Labor leader Bill Shorten said Wright is someone whose advice he has always valued after working with him in the past 22 years.

“As National Secretary, he’s been central to the work of rebuilding Labor, growing our membership and engaging with supporters and volunteers in new and better ways.

“I have worked alongside George in various capacities for 22 years - he’s someone whose advice I’ve always valued.”

Wright earlier served as press secretary to former Finance minister Lindsay Tanner and Kevin Rudd.

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