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The "Kingdom" cast, which includes Nick Jonas as Nathaniel "Nate" Kulina, Matt Lauria as Ryan Wheeler, Frank Grillo as Alvey Kulina, Kiele Sanchez as Lisa Prince, Jonathan Tucker as Jay Kulina, Natalie Martinez as Alicia Mendez and Joanna Going as Christina Kulina, will have a new episode titled "All Talk," which airs on Wednesday, July 5 on the AT&T Audience Network. It will show Ryan beating someone up. Plus, Nate will prepare for his big fight. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler alert: This article contains new 'Kingdom' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know more about what happens in 'All Talk.'

A preview video of "Kingdom" season 3, episode 6 was uploaded on the Audience Network's official YouTube channel. It shows crucial scenes from the episode, including Ryan beating someone up and not knowing if he killed the guy or not.

Meanwhile, Alvey and Lisa are wondering where Ryan is. "Did you speak to Ryan?" Alvey asks Lisa in the video. "No, I can't get a hold of him," Lisa tells him. Alvey adds that Ryan bailed on him again.

As for Nate, while preparing for his big fight, he will punch a guy who spits at him. He will also feel the pressure of fighting again. Lisa and Jay will give him their full support. Watch the video at the end of this article.

'All Talk' guest stars

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Kirk Acevedo as Dominick Ramos, Levi Bowling as a Navy Street Fighter, Emily Buchan as a Fight Fan and Soufiane El Khalidy as a Media Photographer will appear in this episode. They will be joined by Fatimah Hassan as a Female Police Officer, Katherine Hughes as Kayla, Alex O'Neill as a Club Patron, Zach Scheerer as a Navy St Gym Fighter and Nick Mcloughlin as a Fight Fan. Adam Davidson directed the episode written by Scott Wilson and Enzo Mileti.

'Kingdom' TV series episodes

The episode before "All Talk" was "Please Give," which aired on June 28. It was directed by Adam Davidson. It showed Ryan asking for a break from training. As for Nate, he was able to get a fight, thanks to Lisa. Plus, Dom tried to push some boundaries at the gym. Elsewhere, Jay struggled with his work-life balance and Christina took care of Kayla (Katherine Hughes) and the girls.

The next episodes after "All Talk" are "Platinum Level," which will air on July 12 and "Old Pueblo," which airs on July 19. It will be followed by "Cactus" (air date: July 26) and "Lie Down in the Light" (air date: Aug. 2).

"Kingdom" episodes air in Australia at 9.30 pm on FX every Tuesdays. It also airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on the AT&T Audience Network.

Watch the 'Kingdom' Season 3 video:

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